Joule Dissipation of ELF/VLF Waves at Venus -

"Collisional Joule Dissipation in the Ionosphere of Venus: The Importance of Electron Heat Conduction"
by R. J. Strangeway.
Submitted to J. Geophys. Res. Mar 14, 1995.

A preprint of this paper, which is in the reviewing process, can be downloaded from here. The file is available as a set of postscript files, and you can either download a single compressed "zip" file, or download the individual uncompressed postscript files. The files are large.

The zip file (1.1M) contains: (460K): The text of the paper (183K): Figure 1 (204K): Figure 2 (203K): Figure 3 (278K): Figure 4a and 4b (271K): Figure 4c and 4d (278K): Figure 5a and 5b (272K): Figure 5c and 5d (279K): Figure 6a and 6b (269K): Figure 6c and 6d
A couple of notes might help in downloading the files. Different browsers handle the postscript files differently. Some browsers launch an external viewer (e.g., ghostview) when you try to download the file. You can either try downloading the file again after turning on the "Load to Local Disk" option, if it's available, or you can try printing directly from the viewer. (Even though the viewer may report an error on opening the file, the file should still print on a postscript printer.) In addition, some viewers and printers may substitute fonts. I've tried to avoid using non-standard fonts, but I can't guarantee that substitution won't occur.

If all else fails please send e-mail to me at, and I'll send you a preprint via the regular mail. I also welcome any comments on how to provide better access to downloadable files.

Spring AGU '95 Joule Dissipation poster

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