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Please note that a presentation at a conference is not peer reviewed.
These presentations should be viewed as "works in progress,"
provided for information purposes only
and to allow for the free exchange of ideas.

They are not meant to replace publication through the peer review process.

Ion Outflows: From Observations to Global Simulations

Paper D3.4-0006-06 presented at COSPAR 2006, Beijing.
Work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant number ATM-0208498.

Comparison Between Observed High Latitude Field-Aligned Current Systems and Predictions from Global Simulations

Paper SM54A-08 presented at the 2005 Fall AGU Meeting, San Francisco, December 2005. [R. J. Strangeway and J. Raeder, Eos Trans. AGU, 86(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract SM54A-08, 2005]

Multi-scale Physics in the Auroral Acceleration Region

IAGA Division III Reporter Review (paper IAGA2005-A-01403) presented at IAGA 2005, Toulouse.

The relative efficiency of the ionospheric Alfven resonator and the surface-ionosphere waveguide for cross-field energy transport in the coupled magnetosphere-ionosphere system

Paper IAGA2005-A-01442 presented at IAGA 2005, Toulouse.
Work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant number ATM-0101702.

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