FAST Data - AKR Fine Structure

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Example plot

Example showing the format of the data plots.

Each file contains four panels of data. The top panel shows electric field data from the SFA channels. These data place the data from the Plasma Wave Tracker (PWT) in context. The two reference lines shown are the electron gyro-frequency from the model (IGRF) field, and the center frequency of the PWT. Usually the PWT center frequency is the higher of the two.

The second panel shows data from the PWT. The PWT is sampled at 32768 samples per second (16 kHz Nyquist frequency). The plot shows 4 spectrum overlapped averages of Fast Fourier Transforms of the waveform data. These spectra have 64 Hz frequency resolution. The 2.5 second modulation in these data is due to the spin of the spacecraft (5 second period). The reference line, when shown, is the electron gyro-frequency from the model field. If this frequency lies within the PWT band, then the spacecraft is in or near the AKR source region.

The third panel shows that PWT data rescaled to the maximum in each sprectrum. This draws out the fine structure, especially for the weaker signals.

The bottom panel shows the maximum intensity for each spectrum shown in the third panel. When assessing the relevance of fine structure to AKR processes it is important to take into account the intensity of the signals, as well as their frequency content.

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Online AKR fine structure

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