Joule Dissipation in Planetary Ionospheres: Implications for Planetary Lightning

R. J. Strangeway and C. T. Russell

This is a poster paper (paper P32A-3) presented at the 1994 Fall AGU Meeting, held in San Francisco. [Strangeway, R. J., and C. T. Russell, EOS, Trans. American Geophysical Union, 75(44), 410, 1994.]

The poster is available for viewing in two formats:

This format uses inline gif images (Better for fast links)

This format uses an external viewer (Better for slow links)

As I am trying to determine which is the better way to put a poster paper on the web, I would appreciate any comments as to which is the better format, which is easier to use, which works better with Mosaic or Netsape, etc.
Thanks, Bob Strangeway

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