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Cartoon Showing Magnetosphere/Ionosphere Coupling (PDF, Postscript) )
Annotated version of figure from Strangeway, R. J., R. C. Elphic, W. J. Peria, and C. W. Carlson, FAST Observations of Electromagnetic Stresses Applied to the Polar Ionosphere in AGU Monograph "Magnetospheric Current Systems" (S.-I. Ohtani, R.-I. Fujii, R. Lysak, and M. Hesse, Eds.), in press, 1999.

Schematic of Solar Wind Interaction with Venus (PDF, Postscript)
After G. K. Crawford, R. J. Strangeway, and C. T. Russell, VLF emissions at the Venus dayside Ionopause, in Plasma Environments of Non-Magnetic Planets (T. Gombosi, Ed.), pp. 253-258, 1993.

Schematic of VLF/ELF Waves from Lightning on Venus (PDF, Postscript)
After R. J. Strangeway, Plasma wave evidence for lightning on Venus, J. Atmos. Terr. Phys., 57, 537-556, 1995.

Maps of VLF Waves in Venus Foreshock (PDF, Postscript)
After R. J. Strangeway and G. K. Crawford, VLF waves in the foreshock, Adv. Space. Res., 15, (8/9)29-(8/9)42, 1995.

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