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This page provides a link to online images of FAST data generated at UCLA specifically for surveying the VLF data. The data in these survey plots cover only part of the data available from FAST, and should be treated as "quicklook" data only. In particular, no ion composition data are shown, and only a limited sample of the DC fields quantities is given. The wave and particle spectra are survey data only.

The data shown in the plots have not been verified by the FAST experimenters and are not citable.

The official web-site for browsing FAST data is

The following link points to an on-line directory of jpeg files. The files are stored in directories containing ~ 100 orbits of data. The directory names have the following format, e.g.,
This directory contains plots from 1996/10/25 to 1996/11/3, orbits 700 to 799.

Online JPEGs

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