Ground observations of the SC event on September 24, 1998

P. J. Chi, C. T. Russell, E. Zesta, J. Raeder, G. Le, S. Petrinec,
K. Yumoto, H. Kawano, K. Kitamura, V. Angelopoulos, M. Moldwin.

This study will be presented at the Spring 1999 AGU Meeting (June 3) and the IUGG 1999 Meeting (July 19-30). Some initial results have been presented at the Spring ISTP Workshop on March 30, 1999.
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Click each section below for details and see what has been done. At present the focus is on how the sudden impulse signal propagated in the magnetosphere. Please e-mail Peter Chi if you have any comments. Thank you.

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  • Online paper: "Sudden Compression of the Outer Magnetosphere Associated with an Ionospheric Mass Ejection" (in HTML) by Russell et al.