Cassini Documentation Plan

Creation date: 11/21/2002

Function :

Documentation for:

     Flat files (12/06/2002)

         Flatfile structures - header, data, time epochs
         Flatfile utilities     -  programs that process flatfiles
             fl                           - flatfile lister,  see flatfile data and plot
             fplot                     - flatfile plotter (fl driven)
             ff2ascii                - translate data from flatfile format to an ascii format
         Flatfile library      - focus subroutines in ff_igpp.c and time_igpp.c
                                               special attention is required for:
                                                  extracting data for fields which are not float/real*4
                                                  samples on how to extract and manipulate flatfiles.

     Cassini specific software (12/31/2002)

         casfilter     - extract the CHDO containing mag packets and various channelized data.
                                 separates the three main data types: Science data, Housekeeping data and
                                Channelized data
         caspre2ff   - extract and translate raw CHDO and mag packets to flatfile format
                                 extract and reconstitute subcommutated housekeeping and snapshot
        ss2ff             - convert the snapshot data dumps to flatfiles
        ffbreak        - extract data segments from flatfiles which contain wraparound error
        shk2ff          - extract subcomutated Housekeeping data to flatfiles

        chdo2ff.csh - c-shell driver.  Demostrates the proper program flow and paramters.

 Cassini specific files : (01/07/2003)

      Nomenclature :  the meaning for the filenames
                                     format YYDOY_{mrd,mcd,ecd}{ud,cd}{SD,CH,UH,HK}{VHM,SHM,FGM....} etc.
       Time                 :  details on how time is constructed.
      Contents for each output files
                                    - flatfile formated
                                    - binary dumps
                                    - reconstructed snapshots and housekeeping dumps
                                    - progress reports and buffer files

Debugging only

        rcheck         - scan for rg changes recorded in FGM/VHM status words
        checktime  - scan complete flatfiles and record data gaps and backward times

Documentation includes
 User Guide
software flatfile library flatfile utilities cassini programs
scope programmer end users IC
function program access to flatfiles view and extract flatfile data translate raw chdo to flatfiles
external references none none JPL SIS, DPU documents
algorithm/methods sample programs provided none see programmer's notes

software flatfile library flatfile utilities cassini programs
Installation make make make
user input N/A parmfile, interactive menu command line options
input data N/A flatfiles raw chdo data,flatfiles from caspre2ff and dumps
output data N/A plots or ascii files flatfiles and log files
flow charts  sample programs provided N/A see chdo2ff.csh

Include a sample run.

programmer's guide : cassini programs only.
     source code documentation
     code table - source code listing per program
     encode comments for each subroutine
     program flow and control / algorithms
     data structures
     DPU - anomalies
            ie  time adjustments for wtime0
                                                         MCI = adjusted to  0.00006248
            command options to deal with this and
                     the precedence hiearchy. (ie there's more that one way to
                     set wtime0.
      How the snapshot data has a wraparound error in the block ids
     Debugging/data dump features-
               Subroutines which are not used but dump the various data groups
               in an ascii format.

     notes and caveats

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