Joe Means

Principal Development Engineer

I've recently retired but have worked at UCLA since 1965 and you can still find me there Monday and Tuesday most weeks. My experience with analog space flight instrumentation includes the search coil magnetometers on OGO's 1 through 6, FAST, and the Brazilian SACI-1. I designed the digital processing systems for the fluxgate magnetometers flown on ISEE's 1 and 2, Pioneer Venus Orbiter, Galileo, AMPTE, ISTP/Polar, and the Australian Newmag instrument for Fedsat. I am presently managing the ST5 New Technology Magnetometer which launched in Feb. 2006, the DSX magnetometer which is currently under development and the MMS magnetometer which is scheduled for next year.  I've been involved in the development of numerous ground based observatories including the AFGL Magnetometer Chain; UCLA - Palmdale bulge, NOL systems, the original generation of the SMALL array and the latest generation developed for THEMIS. When not riding the rails, I can be found at UCLA helping with instrument development.

Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics / UCLA
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1567
Telephone: (310)825-6868
FAX: (310)206-8042

IGPP Publications

Alaska 2004

Colorado 2007

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