Welcome to the UCLA Ground Magnetometer Data Center. This site gives you access to second-resolution ground magnetometer data for THEMIS stations around North America.

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Station Locator
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CHBG - Chibougamau, CAN
EKAT - Lac de Gras, CAN
GBAY - Goose Bay, CAN
INUV - Inuvik, CAN
KAPU - Kapuskasing, CAN
KIAN - Kiana, CAN
KUUJ - Kuujjuaq, USA
MCGR - McGrath, USA
PGEO (Changed to EPO)
SNAP - Snap Lake, CAN
TPAS - Flin Flon, CAN
WHIT - White Horse, CAN
YKNF - Yellow Knife, CAN

BMLS - Bay Mills, MI
CCNV - Carson City, NV
DRBY - Derby, VT
FYTS - Fort Yates, ND
HOTS - Hot Springs, MT
LOYS - Loysburg, PA
PGEO - Prince George, CAN
PINE - Pine Ridge, SD
PTRS - Petersburg, AK
RMUS - Remus, MI
SGD1 - San Gabriel, CA
SWNO - Shawano, WI
TBLE - Table Mountain, CA
UKIA - Ukiah, OR