Information Regarding the Use of Data Provided by UCLA Ground Magnetometer Data Center

The UCLA Ground Magnetometer Data Center provides free use of magnetometer data. The data server can create data plots for inspection and allow users to download data from the web. The purpose of this web server is to provide scientists with easy access to geomagnetic field data around the globe and to encourage their study.

The data served by this facility are not necessarily collected by members of IGPP/UCLA. Some data are kindly provided by other research institutes/groups. We may not have enough information regarding the instruments built by non-UCLA groups, and users are advised to contact them directly for more information. The table at the bottom of this page lists the contact information.

All publications and presentations using the data provided by this facility should acknowledge the persons or team who collected the data you use (see table for details) and that thses data were acquired through the UCLA Ground Magnetometer Data Center. An acknowledgment might read, "We thank Y. F. Gao and Guan Le for the use of data from the SMALL array. These data were obtained through the UCLA Ground Magnetometer Data Center".
Magnetometer Array
Person(s) to Acknowledge
AFA, BLD, CRT, LAL, SGD, SLU  IGPP/LANL Vassilis Angelopoulos, Goeff Reeves, Guan Le, and C. T. Russell Peter Chi (
BJI(Small), CDP, JIH, MZL,QGZ, THJ, WHN(Small), YON SMALL Y. F. Gao and Guan Le Peter Chi (
BJI(Chimag), HFK, KAS, MOH,WHN(Chimag) CHIMAG Konrad Schwingenschuh, Tielong Zhang and Hua Zhao Konrad Schwingenschuh (
FIT MEASURE Mark Moldwin Mark Moldwin (
ATH Martin Connors Martin Connors (
BOU, HUR, SPK, TIH Walter Goedecke Walter Goedecke (
JIC D. Sibeck and C. T. Russell Peter Chi (
TEO J. A. L. Cruz-Abeyro Jose A. L. Cruz-Abeyro (