Objectives of the SMALL Project

Even though 70% of the Earth's surface is below L=2, no large area 2D array is presently deployed in this region.

There have been temporary small arrays and chains set up but at present there is only one north-south chain passing through this region, the Circum-pan Pacific Magnetometer Network (CPMN)  [PI: K. Yumoto] which effectively includes the easternAustralian chain.

The remaining stations at these latitudes are sufficiently separated that they can be scarcely thought to provide a chain of stations in any direction and certainly there is no region sufficiently instrumented to be considered to have a 2-D array of magnetometers.  China  presents us with our first opportunity to develop a full 2-D magnetic array at low latitudes.

Our scientific objectives are :

The technical objectives of the SMALL project center on improving ground magnetic records with high temporal resolution digital recording and accurate timing at low cost.  The goal was to develop an accurate, low cost, high precision and accurately timed digital field magnetometer with up to 6 month data storage capability and to cut the cost of the robust  magnetometer and its data system from ~ $15K to ~ $6K per unit.