Physics of Collisionless Shocks

Proceedings of the D2.1 Symposium of COSPAR Scientific Commission D which was held during the thirtieth COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Hamburg, Germany, 11-21 July, 1994

Edited by

Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics,
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90024-1567, U.S.A.

Table of Contents

Summary (pg. 1)
Preface (pg. 3)

Section 1. Foreshock

The Electron Foreshock (pg. 9)
R.J. Fitzenreiter

VLF Waves in the Foreshock (pg. 29)
R.J. Strangeway and G. K Crawford

Ion Distributions in the Earth's Foreshock Upstream from the Bow Shock (pg. 43)
S.A. Fuselier

Ion Acceleration (pg. 53)
T. Terasawa

On the Role of Solar Flare Generated Ions in Producing High Energy (>300 keV) Ion Events Upstream from the Earth's Bow Shock (pg. 63)
G.C. Anagnostopoulos

Formation of Non-Thermal, High Energy Particles in Relativistic Magnetosonic Shock Waves (pg. 67)
M. Hoshino and B. Lembege

ULF Waves in the Foreshock (pg. 71)
E.W. Greenstadt, G. Le and R.J. Strangeway

Propagation and Damping of Broadhand Upstream Whistlers (pg. 85)
D.S. Orlowski, C.T. Russell, D. Krauss-Varban, N. Omidi and M.F. Thomsen

Support for the Shock Source Hypothesis of Upstream Whistlers from Hall-MHD Calculations (pg. 93)
K Baumgartel and K Sauer

AMPTE-UKS Observations of Low Frequency Waves in the Ion Foreshock (pg. 97)
K. Blanco-Cano and S.J. Schwartz

Observations of Upstream Ions, Solar Wind Ions and Electromagnetic Waves in the Earth's Foreshock (pg. 103)
A.N. Fazakerley, A.J. Coates and M.W. Dunlop

Hot Flow Anomalies near the Earth's Bow Shock (pg. 107)
S.J. Schwartz

Experimental Studies of the Properties of "Simulated" Upstream Turbulence using a Statistical Multipoint Method (pg. 117)
D. S. Orlowski, G. Le, C.T. Russell, D. Krauss-Varban and N. Omidi

Interaction of Upstream Diffuse Ions with the Solar Wind (pg. 125)
M. Scholer

A Study of the Solar Wind Deceleration in the Earth's Foreshock Region (pg.137)
T.L. Zhang, K. Schwingenschuh and C.T. Russell

Electron Distributions in the Ion Foreshock (pg. 141)
G. Chisham, D. Burgess and S. J. Schwartz

Section 2. Foreshock-Shock Interactions

Cosmic-Ray-Modified Shocks (pg. 149)
C.M. Ko

Foreshock-Shock Interaction at Collisionless Quasi-Parallel Shocks (pg. 159)
D. Burgess

Quasi-Perpendicular to Quasi-Parallel Shock Transitions (pg. 171)
H. Kucharek and M. Scholer

2D Hybrid Simulations of Short Large-Amplitude Magnetic Structures (SLAMS) Upstream of Quasi-Parallel Collisionless Shocks (pg.175)
N. Dubouloz and M. Scholer

Section 3. Physical Processes

A Review of the Physics of Electron Heating at Collisionless Shocks (pg. 181)
J.D. Scudder

Electron Heating in Quasi-Perpendicular Shocks (pg. 225)
M. Gedalin, M. Balikhin and V. Krasnosselskikh

Heating and Acceleration of Electrons through the Whistler Precursor in 1-D and 2-D Oblique Shocks (pg. 235)
P. Savoini and B. Lembege

Electron Dynamics in the Front of the Quasi-Perpendicular Shocks (pg. 239)
V. Krasnosselskikh, M. Balikhin, M. Gedalin and B. Lembege

The Scales in Quasi-Perpendicular Shocks (pg. 247)
M Balikhin, V. Krasnosselskikh and M. Gedalin

Waves Associated with Quasi-Parallel Shocks: Generation, Mode Conversion and Implications (pg. 271)
D. Krauss-Varban

Ultra Low Frequency Waves at the Earth's Bow Shock (pg. 285)
C.T. Russell and M.H. Farris

Further Analysis of Non-Linear Density Fluctuations in the Foot of Quasi-Perpendicular Shock (pg. 297)
V.N. Smirnov and O.L Vaisberg

Section 4. The Magnetosheath

Upstream Parameter Dependence of Anisotropies in the Ion Distributions Downstream of Quasi-Perpendicular Shocks (pg.313
W.P. Wilkinson

Wave and Particle Evolution Downstream of Quasi-Perpendicular Shocks (pg. 319)
M. E. McKean, N. Omidi, D. Krauss-Varban and H. Karimabadi

Turbulent Processes Upstream and Downstream of the Bow Shock (pg. 323)
J. Safrankova, O. Santolik and Z. Nemecek

Waves in the Earth's Magnetosheath: Observations and Interpretations (pg. 329)
C. Lacombe and G. Belmont

On the Non-Linear Mirror Instability (pg. 341)
F.G.E. Pantellini, D. Burgess and S.J. Schwartz

Ion Distributions Associated with Mirror Waves in the Earth's Magnetosheath (pg. 345)
J.A. Leckband, D. Burgess, F.G.E. Pantellini and S.J. Schwartz

AMPTE-UKS Observations of Ion Velocity Distributions Associated with Magnetosheath Waves (pg. 349)
A.N. Fazakerley, A.J. Coates and M.W. Dunlop

Section 5. Interplanetary Shocks

Sources of Interplanetary Shocks (pg. 355)
J. G. Luhmann

Shock Waves in the Solar Corona and their Radio Emission (pg. 365)
G. Mann and T. Claben

Interplanetary Shocks Observed by Ulysses in the Ecliptic Plane as a Function of the Heliocentric Distance (pg. 371)
S. Hoang, C. Lacombe, A. Mangeney, F. Pantellini, A. Balogh, S.J. Bame, R.J. Forsyth and J.L. Phillips

Particle Acceleration at Interplanetary Shocks-Observations at a Few Tens of KeV vs Some Tens of MeV (pg. 375)
M.B. Kallenrode

Acceleration of Solar Wind Ions by Oblique Interplanetary Shocks (pg. 385)
M.G. Baring, K.W. Ogilvie, D.C. Ellison and R. Forsyth

Energy Spectrum of Low-Energy Fluxes of Particles Accelerated by Interplanetary Shocks (pg. 389)
D. Lario, B. Sanahuja and A.M. Heras

Evolution of the Particle Injection at Propagating Interplanetary Shocks (pg. 393)
G. Wibberenz and M.B. Kallenrode

Monte Carlo Simulations of Particle Acceleration at Oblique Shocks: Including Cross-Field Diffusion (pg. 397)
M.G. Baring, D.C. Ellison and F.C. Jones

Section 6. Planetary Shocks

Heavy Ion Effects on Cometary Shocks (pg. 403)
A.J. Coats

Shock Formation at Unmagnetized Planets (pg. 415)
S.H. Brecht

Some Features of the Martian Bow Shock (pg. 423)
E. Dubinin, D. Obod, R. Lundin, K Schwingenschuh and R. Grard

The Location of Planetary Bow Shocks: A Critical Overview of Theory and Observations (pg. 433)
J. R. Spreiter and S.S. Stahara

Section 7. The Termination Shock

The Termination Shock: Physical Processes (pg. 453)
G. P. Zank, I.H. Cairns and G.M. Webb

UV Remote Detection of the Solar Wind Termination Shock (pg. 463)
P. Gangopadhyay and D.L. Judge

Mechanism for Generation of Radio Emissions from the Planetary and Heliospheric Foreshocks (pg. 467)
W.M. Macek, A. Czechowski and S. Grzedzielski

Interaction of the Heliospheric Termination Shock with the Forward and Reverse Shock Waves in a Magnetized Collisionless Plasma (pg. 475)
J.Ziemkiewicz and K. Kossacki

Section 8. Other Shocks

Supernova Remnant Shock (pg. 481)
L O'C. Drury

Magnetic Structure of Slow Shocks and the Associated Ion Dissipation (pg. 489)
N. Omidi

Observation of a Slow-Mode Shock in the Dayside Magnetopause Reconnection Layer (pg. 501)
D.W. Walthour, B.U.O. Sonnerup and C.T. Russell

Physics of Intermediate Shocks: A Review (pg. 507)
H. Karimabadi

Intermediate Shocks: Observations (pg. 521)
J.K. Chao

Formation of the Magnetopause Boundary Layer by Magnetic Reconnection (pg. 531)
Y. Lin and L.C. Lee

The Effects of a Double Pulse of Reconnection in a Non-Uniform Magnetic Field Configuration (pg. 537)
M.T. Kiendl, H.K Biernat, V.S. Semenov and R.P. Rijnbeek
Author Index (pg. 543)

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