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Section 1. IASTP Missions and Programs

Section 2. The Solar Wind and Heliosphere

Section 3. Upstream Waves

Section 4. Bow Shock

Section 5. Magnetosheath

Section 6. Magnetopause, Boundary Layer, and Cusp

Section 7. Magnetospheric Dynamics and the Sun-Earth Connection

Section 8. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet

Section 9. Remote Sensing and Auroral Processes

Section 10. Instrumentation and Techniques

Section 1. IASTP Missions and Programs
IASTP and Solar-Terrestrial Physics

    D.N. Baker and R. Carovillano

The GEOTAIL Mission: Principal Characteristics and Scientific Results

    A. Nishida, T. Yamamoto, and T. Mukai

INTERBALL - Dual Probe and Dual Mission

    L.M. Zelenyi, P. Triska, and A.A. Petrukovich

The WIND Spacecraft and its Early Scientific Results

    K.W. Ogilvie and M.D. Desch

POLAR - From the Top Down

    R.A. Hoffman

Phoenix and Cluster II - Towards a Recovery from the Loss of Cluster

    R. Schmidt, C.P. Escoubet, and M.L. Goldstein

SOHO - Its Day in the Sun

    V. Domingo

Additional Spacecraft Data Sources Contributing to the ISTP Program

    J.H. King

Ground-Based Supporting Programmes for the IASTP

    H.J. Opgenoorth

Section 2. The Solar Wind and Heliosphere
IACG Campaign III: Solar Events and their Manifestation in Interplanetary Space and in Geospace

    R.A. Harrison

The IACG Campaign IV: Solar Sources of Heliospheric Structure Observed out of the Ecliptic

    A.B. Galvin and H.S. Hudson

Particle Acceleration at the Interplanetary Shock Ahead of a Large Magnetic Cloud on October 18, 1995: GEOTAIL-WIND Collaboration

    T. Terasawa, N. Shimada, K. Tsubouchi, M. Hoshino, T. Mukai, Y. Saito, T. Yamamoto, A. Nishida, S. Machida, S. Kokubun, H. Matsumoto, H. Kojima, T.R. Sanderson, A.J. Lazarus, J.T. Steinberg and R.P. Lepping

Observations of the Solar Wind, the Bow Shock and Upstream Particles with the WIND 3D Plasma Instrument

    R.P. Lin, D.E. Larson, R.E. Ergun, J.P. McFadden, C.W. Carlson, T.D. Phan, S. Ashford, K.A. Anderson, M. McCarthy, R. Skoug, G.K. Parks, H. Rème, J.M. Bosqued, C. d'Uston, T.R. Sanderson and K-P. Wenzel

Using Energetic Electrons to Probe the Topology of the October 18-20, 1995 Magnetic Cloud

    D.E. Larson, R.P. Lin, R.E. Ergun, J.M. McTiernan, J.P. McFadden, C.W. Carlson, K.A. Anderson, M. McCarthy, G.K. Parks, H. Rème, T.R. Sanderson, M. Kaiser and R.P. Lepping

Multipoint Study of the Solar Wind: INTERBALL Contribution to the Topic

    Z. Nemecek, J. Safránková, G. Zastenker, and P. Tíska

Section 3. Upstream Waves
What Do We Really Know about Upstream Waves?

    D. Burgess

Plasma Waves in the Upstream and Bow Shock Regions Observed by GEOTAIL

    H. Matsumoto, H. Kojima, Y. Kasaba, T. Miyake, R.R. Anderson, and T. Mukai

Langmuir Wave Amplitudes and the Electron Distribution Function near the Solar Wind-Foreshock Boundary

    S.D. Bale, G. Chisham, D. Burgess and S.J. Schwartz

GEOTAIL Observations of 2fp Emission around the Terrestrial Electron Foreshock

    Y. Kasaba, H. Matsumoto, and R.R. Anderson

WIND Observation of Gyrating-Like Ion Distributions and Low-Frequency Waves Upstream from the Earth's Bow Shock

    K. Meziane, C. Mazelle, C. d'Uston, H. Rème, R.P. Lin, C.W. Carlson, D. Larson, J.P. McFadden, R.E. Ergun, K.A. Anderson, G.K. Parks, D. Berdichevsky, and R.P. Lepping

Kinetic Theory Mode Properties: Application to Low-Frequency Waves in the Ion Foreshock

    X. Blanco-Cano and S.J. Schwartz

Section 4. Bow Shock
What Do We Really Know about Collisionless Shocks?

    N.A. Krall

Bow Shock Expansion Caused by the Magnetic Cloud Passage on October 18, 1995

    K. Tsubouchi, T. Terasawa, N. Shimada, T. Mukai, Y. Saito, T. Yamamoto, A. Nishida, S. Machida, S. Kokubun, H. Matsumoto, H. Kojima, A.J. Lazarus, J.T. Steinberg, and R.P. Lepping

Nonstationarity and Low-Frequency Turbulence at a Quasiperpendicular Shock Front

    M.A. Balikhin, S.N. Walker, T. Dudok de Wit, H.St.C.K. Alleyne, L.J.C. Woolliscroft, W.A.C. Mier-Jedrzejowicz, and W. Baumjohann

Observations of the Fine Structure of Ion Distribution Function at the Bow Shock

    V.N. Smirnov, O.L. Vaisberg, L.A. Avanov, A.A. Petrukovich, A.A. Skalsky, J.L. Burch, and J.H. Waite, Jr.

Section 5. Magnetosheath
Investigations of Hydrodynamic and Magnetohydrodynamic Equations across the Bow Shock and along the Outer Edge of Planetary Obstacles

    S.M. Petrinec and C.T. Russell

What Do We Really Know about the Magnetosheath?

    P. Song and C.T. Russell

GEOTAIL Observations of Magnetosheath Flow Properties, with Simultaneous Observations of the Solar Wind by the WIND Spacecraft

    S.M. Petrinec, T. Mukai, A. Nishida, T. Yamamoto, T.K. Nakamura, and S. Kokubun

Section 6. Magnetopause, Boundary Layer, and Cusp
GEOTAIL Observation at the Dayside Magnetopause - Confirmation of Reconnection Events

    M. Nakamura, M. Fujimoto, H. Kawano, T. Mukai, Y. Saito, T. Yamamoto, K. Tsuruda, T. Terasawa, and S. Kokubun

INTERBALL Observations of the Dayside Magnetopause

    O.L. Vaisberg, L.A. Avanov, V.N. Smirnov, J.L. Burch, J.H. Waite, Jr., A.A. Petrukovich, and A.A. Skalsky

Two-Point Observation of Magnetopause Motion: The INTERBALL Project

    J. Safránková, Z. Nemecek, L. Prech, G. Zastenker, A. Fedorov, S. Romanov, D. Sibeck, and J. Simunek

The Low-Latitude Flank Magnetosheath, Magnetopause and Boundary Layer: WIND Observations

    T.D. Phan, D. Larson, M. Moyer, J.P. McFadden, R.P. Lin, C.W. Carlson, M. McCarthy, G.K. Parks, H. Rème, T.R. Sanderson, R. Lepping, and K.I. Paularena

A GEOTAIL Observation of the Low-Latitude Boundary Layer

    M. Fujimoto, T. Mukai, H. Kawano, M. Nakamura, A. Nishida, Y. Saito, T. Yamamoto, and S. Kokubun

Cusp and Boundary Layer Observations by INTERBALL

    I. Sandahl, R. Lundin, M. Yamauchi, U. Eklund, J. Safránková, Z. Nemecek, K. Kudela, R.P. Lepping, R.P. Lin, V.N. Lutsenko, and J-A. Sauvaud

Initial Results from the POLAR Magnetic Fields Investigation

    C. T. Russell, G. Le, X-W. Zhou, P.H. Reiff, J.G. Luhmann, C.A. Cattell, R.L. McPherron, and M. Ashour-Abdalla

Initial TIMAS Observations of Ion Conic Heating in the Cusp

    E.G. Shelley, H. Balsiger, J.L. Burch, C.W. Carlson, H.L. Collin, J.F. Drake, J. Geiss, A.G. Chielmetti, A. Johnstone, O.W. Lennartsson, G. Paschmann, W.K. Peterson, H. Rosenbauer, D.M. Walton, B.A. Whalen, and D.T. Young

Comparison of Lunar and Terrestrial Ion Measurements Obtained by WIND and GEOTAIL Spacecraft Outside and Inside of the Earth's Magnetosphere

    E. Kirsch, B. Wilken, G. Gloeckler, A.B. Galvin, U. Mall, and D. Hovestadt

Energetic Particles in the Vicinity of the Dawn Magnetopause

    Z. Nemecek, J. Safránková, O. Santolík, K. Kudela, and E.T. Sarris

Statistical Study on Electron Cyclotron Harmonic Waves Observed in the Dayside Magnetosphere

    H. Usui, J. Koizumi, and H. Matsumoto

Section 7. Magnetospheric Dynamics and the Sun-Earth Connection
Ground Observations of Dayside Small-Scale Dynamic Features

    T. Moretto and E. Friis-Christensen

Incoherent Scatter Radar Observations Related to Magnetospheric Dynamics

    S.W.H. Cowley and M. Lockwood

Testing Substorm Theories: The Need for Multipoint Observations

    M. Lockwood

Mapping Ionospheric Substorm Response

    D.J. Knipp and B.A. Emery

What Do We Really Know about Solar Wind Coupling?

    J. G. Luhmann

What Do We Really Know about the Sun-Climate Connection?

    E. Friis-Christensen and H. Svensmark

Fields and Flows at GEOTAIL during a Moderate Storm

    R.L. McPherron, R. Nakamura, S. Kokubun, Y. Kamide, K. Shiokawa, K. Yumoto, T. Mukai, Y. Saito, K. Hayashi, T. Nagai, S. Ables, D.N. Baker, E. Friis-Christensen, B. Fraser, T. Hughes, G. Reeves, and H. Singer

First Observations by the CEPPAD Imaging Proton Spectrometer aboard POLAR

    H.E. Spence and J.B. Blake

Section 8. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
IACG Campaign I Summary Report: Initial Results

    T. Mukai and L.M. Zelenyi

Structure of the Distant Magnetotail and its Dependence on the IMF By Component: GEOTAIL Observations

    K. Maezawa, T. Hori, T. Mukai, Y Saito, T. Yamamoto, S. Kokubun, and A. Nishida

Substorms, Tail Flows, and Plasmoids

    T. Nagai, R. Nakamura, T. Mukai, T. Yamamoto, A. Nishida, and S. Kokubun

Origin of Hot and High-Speed Plasmas in Plasma Sheet: Plasma Acceleration and Heating due to Slow Shocks

    M. Hoshino, Y. Saito, T. Mukai, A. Nishida, S. Kokubun, and T. Yamamoto

INTERBALL Observations of the Plasma Sheet

    Yu. I. Yermolaev

Two-Point Measurement of Hot Plasma Structures in the Magnetotail Lobes

    O. Santolík, J. Safránková, Z. Nemecek, J-A. Sauvaud, A. Fedorov, and G. Zastenker

INTERBALL Magnetotail Boundary Case Studies

    S.P. Savin, O. Balan, N. Borodkova, E. Budnik, N. Nikolaeva, V. Prokhorenko, T. Pulkkinen, N. Rybjeva, J. Safránková, I. Sandahl, E. Amata, U. Auster, G. Bellucci, A. Blagau, J. Blecki, J. Büchner, M. Ciobanu, E. Dubinin, Yu. Yermolaev, M. Echim, A. Fedorov, V. Formisano, R. Grard, V.Ivchenko, F. Jiricek, J. Juchniewicz, S. Klimov, V. Korepanov, H. Koskinen, K. Kudela, R. Lundin, V. Lutsenko, O. Marghitu, Z. Nemecek, B. Nikutowski, M. Nozdrachev, S. Orsini, M. Parrot, A. Petrukovich, N. Pissarenko, S. Romanov, J. Rauch, J. Rustenbach, J-A. Sauvaud, E.T. Sarris, A. Skalsky, J. Smilauer, P. Triska, J.G. Trotignon, J. Vojta, G. Zastenker, L. Zelenyi, Yu. Agafonov, V. Grushin, V. Khrapchenkov, L. Prech, and O. Santolik

Flux Ropes in the Magnetotail: Consequences for Ion Populations

    R.L. Richard, R.J. Walker, T. Ogino, and M. Ashour-Abdalla

Section 9. Remote Sensing and Auroral Processes
What Do We Really Know about Auroral Acceleration?

    M. Temerin

Auroral Observations by the POLAR Ultraviolet Imager UVI

    M. Brittnacher, J. Spann, G. Parks, and G. Germany

X-Ray Imaging of the Aurora

    J. Stadsnes, K. Aarsnes, and J. Bjordal

Energetic Neutral Atom Imaging by the Astrid Microsatellite

    S. Barabash, P. C:son Brandt, O. Norberg, R. Lundin, E.C. Roelof, C.J. Chase, B.H. Mauk, and H. Koskinen

ENA Imaging from the Swedish Micro Satellite Astrid during the Magnetic Storm of 8 February 1995

    P.C:son Brandt, S. Barabash, O. Norberg, R. Lundin, E.C. Roelof, C.J. Chase, B.H. Mauk, and M. Thomsen

Magnetospheric Resonance, Auroral Structure, and Multipoint Measurements

    W. Lotko and A.V. Streltsov

ISTP: Relativistic Particle Acceleration and Global Energy Transport

    D.N. Baker, H.E. Spence, and J.B. Blake

Section 10. Instrumentation and Techniques
Estimation of Electron Density of Ionospheric Plasma Using Wave, Impedance and Topside Sounder Data

    A. Kiraga, Z. Klos, H. Rothkaehl, Z. Zbyszynski, V.N. Oraevsky, S.A. Pulinets, and I.S. Prutenski

Magnetospheric Geomagnetic Coordinates for Space Physics Data Presentation and Visualization

    V.O. Papitashvili, N.E. Papitashvili, and J.H. King

Merging 4 Spacecraft Data: Concepts Used for Analysing Discontinuities

    M.W. Dunlop, T.I. Woodward, D.J. Southwood, K.-H. Glassmeier, and R. Elphic