Active Experiments In Space Plasmas

Advances in Space Research, 1(2)
Edited By: C.T. Russell & M.J. Rycroft,
488pp, Pergamon Press, 1981

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During the second week of the 23rd Plenary Meeting of COSPAR, held in Budapest, Hungary, June 2-14, 1980, a symposium on Active Experiments in Space Plasmas was convened comprising of six half-day sessions of oral presentations and one poster session. The papers generally discussed one of five topics: energetic particle injection, wave injection, mass injection, laboratory and computer simulations, and the effects of man on the magnetosphere and ionosphere. In this book we have clustered the articles according to these topics. The preparation for this symposium was initiated under the auspices of the URSI Working Group on Active Experiments and was later taken on as an activity of Panel 2A on Active Experiments of Working Group 2 of COSPAR. When COSPAR reorganized into commissions, Commission D undertook sponsorship of the symposium.

The last symposium on Active Experiments in Space Plasmas was convened by M.J. Rycroft in Boulder, Colorado in June 1976. Much had transpired in this field since then and it was felt that there was much need for a review of the field and an update of knowledge obtained since then. The enthusiasm of the participants was ample evidence that this was indeed true and few if any speakers finished their presentations without several penetrating questions. The symposium was active in every sense of the word.

There were 59 oral presentations and 16 poster presentations. Written drafts of these papers were reviewed at the meeting and the drafts with comments returned to the authors. The vast majority of the authors of those papers which were accepted have submitted final copy for this proceedings. In addition most of those authors of review papers who were unable to attend the meeting took the time to finalize their manuscripts and provide us with a fairly complete reference work. Thus in some areas the book is even more complete than the symposium. It is regretable that travel funds are so restricted at the present time (EOS,61, 553, 1980). In each chapter, we have printed the review papers first and then the contributed papers as an aid to the reader who wishes a general overview before getting into details.

I would first like to thank the reporters who worked so hard at refereeing the papers at the meet1ng: G. Holmgren, P.M. Kintner, J.A. Holtet, M. Mendillo, D.T. Young, R.J.R. Grard and I. Kimura. The sessions were ably chaired by P.J. Kellogg, J. Etcheto, R.A. Helliwell, R.L. Dowden and T. Zhulin. I am also grateful for the helpful suggestions of the members of the program committee: W. Bernstein, R.L. Dowden, J. Etcheto, A. Geleev, R. Grard, R. Greenwald, G. Haerendel, J. Lavergnat, J.G. Luhmann, T. Obayashi, M. Rycroft and J.R. Winckler and the many others who sent in suggestions. I am particularly grateful to M.J. Rycroft who assisted me in many of the details of convening the symposium and preparing this proceedings, and who prepared an excellent summary of the conference for publication in EOS. Finally, I wish to thank Z. Niemirowicz and his COSPAR staff who worked long hours assembling abstracts, notifying authors and arranging for the proper facilities so that the symposium would proceed smoothly. All this help made my job much easier.

C.T. Russell
August 1980



CHAPTER 1--Energetic Particle Injection

Page 5: Results of Zarnitza-2, A Rocket Experiment on Artificial Electron Beam Injection in the Ionosphere; V. S. Dokukin, V. N. Ivchenko, A. K Markeev, G. P. Milinevsky, E. V. Mishin, R. I. Moisya, Ju. Ja. Ruzhin, R. Z. Sagdeev, V. V. Fomichev and I. A. Zhulin

Page 17: Probing the Magnetosphere with Artificial Electron Beams; J. R. Winckler

Page 29: Artificial Plasma Jet in the Ionosphere; C. Haerendel and R. Z. Sagdeev

Page 47: Beam-Plasma Discharge in Near Rocket Region; E. V. Mishin and Ju. Ja. Ruzhin

Page 61: Rocket Borne Electron Accelerator Results Pertaining to the Beam Plasma Discharge; P. J. Kellogg and S. J. Monson

Page 69: Rocket Potential Measurements During Electron Beam Injection into the Ionosphere; K I. Gringauz, E. V. Mishin, N. M. Shutte and A. S. Volokitin

Page 77: Peculiarities of the Environment Disturbance During the Electron Beam Injection from the Rocket; R. Z. Sagdeev, G. C. Managadze, A. D. Mayorov, S. B. Lyakhov, A. A. Martinson, Yu. A. Romanovsky, T. G. Adeishvily, N. A. Leonov and T. I. Gagua

Page 89: The Waves Observed in the Araks-North Experiment; M. Dechambre, J. Lavergnat, I. A. Zhulin, Yu. V. Kushnerevsky, S. A. Pulinets and V. V. Selegei

Page 97: The Waves Observed in the Araks-East Experiment; Yu. V. Kushnerevsky and S. A. Pulinets

Page 103: Xe+-Induced Ion-Cyclotron Harmonic Waves; D. Jones

Page 107: Ion Beam Produced Plasma Waves Observed by the delta n/n Plasma Wave Receiver During the Porcupine Experiment; P. M. Kintner and M. C. Kelley

Page 117: Very Low Frequency Waves Stimulated by an Electron Accelerator in the Auroral Ionosphere; J. A. Holtet, B. Grandal, T. A. Jacobsen, B. N. Maehlum, T. Troim, B. K Pran and A. Egeland

Page 123: Ionospheric Electron Heating by a Rocket Borne Electron Accelerator; T. A. Jacobsen, J. Troim, B. N. Maehlum and M. Friedrich

Page 129: Experiments with Injection of Powerful Plasma Jet into the Ionosphere; R. Z. Sagdeev, G. G. Managadze, A. A. Martinson, Yu. A. Romanovsky, R. 1. Moisya, W. K Riedler, M. F. Fried rich, T. G. Adeishvily, S. B. Lyakhov, L. S. Novikov, N. A. Leonov, T. I. Cagua and I. I. Slyusarenko

Page 141: Energetic Electron Fluxes Stimulated with Pulsed Injection of Plasma in the Ionosphere; V. A. Alexandrov, A. P. Babaev, V. Y. Gaydukov, A. S. Loevsky, G. A. Popov and Y. A. Romanovsky

Page 147: Structure of Plasma Blobs Injected into the Ionosphere from a Rocket; V. A. Alexandrov, A. S. Loevsky, C. A. Popov, Y. A. Romanovsky and A. C. Sobol

Page 153: The Study of a Plasma Jet Injected by an On Board Plasma Thruster; I. A. Grebnev, G. V. Ivanov, V. P. Khodnenko, A.I. Morozov, I. A. Perkov, A. A. Pertsev, Ju. A. Romanovsky, Ju. P. Rylov, G. G. Shishkin and Ju. V. Trifonov

Page 159:Electron Beam Experiments in Japanese Satellites and Rockets N. Kawashima, S. Sasaki, A. Ushikoshi, Y. Yagi, Y. Obayashi and O. Kaneko

Page 163: Fine Structure of Artificial Auroral Rays; E. V. Mishin, V. N. Ivchenko and G. P. Milinevskii

Page 167: Symmetric Model of Spacecraft Charging and Plasma Emission Effects; H. Maassberg and U. Isensee

CHAPTER 2--Plasma Wave Injection

Page 173: Non-Linear Magnetospheric Amplification of VLF Transmissions; R. L. Dowden

Page 183: Plasma Resonance Stimulation in Space Plasmas; J. Etcheto, H. de Feraudy and J. G. Trotignon

Page 197: Jikiken (EXOS-B) Observation of Siple Transmissions; I. Kimura, H. Matsumoto, T. Makai, K Hashimoto, R A. Helliwell, T. F. Bell, U. S. Inan and J. P. Katsusrakis

Page 203: ISEE-l Observations in the Magnetosphere of VLF Emissions Triggered by Nonducted Coherent VLF Waves during VLF Wave-Injection Experiments; T. F. Bell and U. S. Inan

Page 209: Siple VLF Transmissions and their Magnetospheric Effects Observed at Halley, Antarctica; J. P. Matthews and K H. Yearby

Page 213: VLF Transmissions from Kajford (Norway) to Scatha; M. Gamier, G. Girolami, H. Koons and M. Dazey

Page 217: Stimulation of Plasma Waves in the Magnetosphere Using Satellite Jikiken (EXOS-B); H. Oya and T. Ono

Page 221: VLF Wave Generation by Modulated RF Heating of the Electrojet Ionosphere; R. L. Dowden, P. Stubbe and H. Kopka

Page 225: Active Stimulation of the Ionospheric Plasma; A. Y. Wong, J. Santoru, J. G. Roederer and G. Sivjee

Page 229: Nonlinear Effects of Injection of Very Low Frequency Waves into the Magnetosphere; O. A. Molchanov, M. M. Mogilevsky and Ju. A. Kopytenko

Page 235: A VLF Transmitter on the Space Shuttle; U. S. Inan, T. F. Bell, R. A. Helliwell and J. P. Katsufrakis

Page 241: High-Frequency Radio Experiments with the Wisp System on Spacelab; H. G. James

Page 245: Digital Spacecraft lonosondes; K Bibl

CHAPTER 3--Mass Injections

Page 253: Large Scientific Releases; M. B. Pongratz

Page 275: The Effect of Rocket Launches on the Ionosphere; M. Mendillo

Page 291: Theoretical Aspects of Heavy Ion Injections in the Magnetosphere: A Review; Y. T. Chiu

Page 305: Active Ion Tracer Experiments Attempted in Conjunction with the Ion Composition Experiment on GEOS-2; D. T. Young

Page 311: Artificial Particle and Wave Stimulation in the Trigger Experiment; G. Holmgren, P. M. Kintner and M. C. Kelley

Page 319: Measurements of the Artificially Stimulated Precipitation of Electrons from the Inner Radiation Belt in the Experiment "SPOLOKH-2"; I. A. Zhulin, Ju. M. Zhuchenko, V. M. Kostin, I. A. Pimenov, Ju. A. Romanovsky, Ju. Ja. Ruzhin and V. S. Skomarovsky

Page 325: A High-Altitude Barium Radial Injection Experiment; E. M. Wescott, H. C. Stenbaek-Nielsen, T. J. Hallinan, C. S. Deehr J. V. Olson, J. G. Roederer and R. D. Sydora

CHAPTER 4--Laboratory and Computer Simulations

Page 331: Plasma Waves in the Laboratory; R. W. Boswell

Page 347: Laboratory Simulation of the Injection of Energetic Electrom Beams into the Ionosphere--Ignition of the Beam Plasma Discharge; W. Bernstein and P. J. Kellogg

Page 361: Bodies in Flowing Plasmas: Laboratory Studies; H. Stone and U. Samir

Page 373: Bodies in Flowing Plasmas: Spacecraft Measurements; U. Samir

Page 385: Laboratory Experiments and Space Phenomena; I. Podgorny

Page 403: Interaction Between a Body and its Environment During a Cometary Fly-By; R. J. L. Grard, L. W. Parker and D. T. Young

Page 409: A Numerical Model to Calculate the Wake Structure of a Spacecraft under Ionospheric Conditions; U. Isensee, W. Lehr and H. Maassberg

Page 413: Particle-In-Cell Simulation of the Plasma Environment of a Spacecraft in the Solar Wind; U. Isensee and H. Maassberg

Page 417: Laboratory Experiments on Spacecraft Charging and its Neutralization; S. Sasaki, N. Kawashima, A. Yamori T. Obayashi and O. Kaneko

CHAPTER 5--Effects of Man on the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere

Page 423: Power Line Radiation in the Magnetosphere; C. G. Park and R. A. Helliwell

Page 439: A Skeptic's View of PLR Effects in the Magnetosphere; B. T. Tsurutani and R. M. Thorne

Page 445: LF Line Radiation Observed at Halley and Siple; K H. Yearby, J. P. Matthews and A. J. Smith

Page 449: ELF Radio Signals Produced in the Auroral Ionosphere by Non-linear Demodulation of Signals from High-Power Amplitude-Modulated Transmitters; M. J. Rycroft, P. S. Cannon and T. Turunen

Page 455: Effects of Man on Geomagnetic Activity and Pulsations; A. C. Fraser-Smith

Page 467: Author Index

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