IMF - Toolbox

Before You Begin:
    What is the IMF - Toolbox?

Before You Begin:

   What is the IMF - Toolbox?

   The IMF - Toolbox is for people who need to view and manipulate planetary and interplanetary magnetic field data. The IMF - Data Management is designed especially for comparison of magnetic field data. This Toolbox provides a set of common data analysis routines but experienced MATLAB users can also create their own routines to support the functionality. The IMF - Toolbox provides a mixed graphical and commandline user interface. Every command that is provided by the graphical user interface (GUI) is also available as commandline command. This feature makes the IMF - Toolbox also useable for batch jobs.


   The IMF - Toolbox runs on MATLAB 5.3. For this Pre Release only the Signal Processing Toolbox is additionally needed, but future versions will also need the Wavelet Toolbox.

You need to copy the folder 'IMF' and its subfolder 'subroutines' to your computer. Make sure that these two folders are known by the MATLAB Pathbrowser. If you want to change IMF - routines or create your own functions in the 'IMF' - folder, don't copy this folder in the folder '..\matlab\toolbox' because this folder will always be precompiled when MATLAB starts.

You need always a 'work' - folder where the IMF - Toolbox stores the 'ws*.mat' - files.

If you want to work with the main GUI - Analyze - routine:


>IMF_tool in the MATLAB - Command - Window. This routine asks you at first for the 'work' - path:

If you work with command lines :

You can set the path with IMF_ini(wpath).


If you have often the same path edit the file 'IMF_ini.m' in the 'IMF' folder and set the variable g_path to your favorite 'work' - path. You can now initialize this path by typing: >IMF_ini in the MATLAB - Command - Window or click 'OK' if you work with IMF_tool.

For example:

   g_path = ['D:\matlab\work\']; %path for the 'ws*.mat'-files

Change also the default values for g_max_bytes and g_owner.

   How to install the HTML help:

You need to copy the folder 'IMFhelp' into the MATLAB '..\matlab\help\toolbox' folder.

Example for the folder structure of the IMF - Toolbox:


If you work with command lines:

Initialize the IMF - Toolbox always with the command IMF_ini before you start to work.


This program is still in develpoment. Bugs are always possible. Some routines are working slow especially when data series form different 'ws*.mat' files are in the same subplot.

Please mail new ideas, bugs and questions to or