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IMF is a software package written in MATLAB developed at the Department of Communications and Wave Propagation of the University of Technology Graz jointly with the Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at UCLA. The IMF - Toolbox is part of a diploma thesis of Hannes Schwarzl. Supervisors are K. Schwingenschuh at IWF/OEAW in Graz and C.T. Russell at IGPP/UCLA in Los Angeles.

A first IMF version is mainly devoted to the analysis of ground based magnetic field data of the CHIMAG and SMALL project. These data are stored in the IWF and UCLA flatfile format but the ASCII format will be supported soon.

It is planned to implement standard routines for the analysis of spacecraft magnetic field data. Coplanarity, minimum variance are already available and others will follow.

The final version of the toolbox released by the end of 2002 will consist of a set of M-files and of a detailed HTML documentation including many examples. The final GUI version can be used to perform a standard analysis of planetary and interplanetary magnetic field data. In order to solve specific tasks the experienced MATLAB user can easily write script files using the IMF commands.


IMF - Toolbox

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This program is still in develpoment. Bugs are always possible. Some routines work slowly especially when data series form different 'ws*.mat' files are in the same subplot.

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