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Space Physics Software (xspace) Release 1.4

This is free and has been tested on many platforms.
Please send bug reports to

COPYRIGHT 1992,1993,1994,1995 by The University of California. Los Angeles

Software Description

The program, "xspace" is a space physics educational software package. It is designed to introduce students to space physics concepts and to be used as exercises for class homework or assignments.

An article is available that describes the software package and each of its modules:

Magnetospheres Particle Motion, Plasma Waves, Collisionless Shocks, Solar Wind, Ionosphere & Currents DOCUMENTATION & EXAMPLES

Some modules now available for use over the web


Get The Distribution

Solaris Distribution: space1.4_Solaris.tar.Z (0.65 MB)

SunOS Distribution: space1.4_SunOS.tar.Z (0.68 MB)

Full Distribution: Space1.4_all.tar.Z (0.70 MB)
BETA TEST FOR LINUX :xspaceV2.1.tar.gz (0.95 MB)

Installation Instructions


*Software Notes* Release 1.4

This code runs under the following operating systems: SunOS, Sun-Solaris, SGI, AIX, DEC, and HPUX.

This code runs under the following window systems: Openlook and Motif. (Any version hopefully)
Different versions of the above operating systems and window managers
may cause problems but so far none have been found.
To compile and run the software the system needs to have a C and Fortran
compiler and have the X/Openlook or X/Motif libraries installed.

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