UCLA offers an undergraduate program in space science in its Geophysics and Space Physics program in the Earth and Space Sciences and graduate programs leading to advanced degrees in Space Physics in both the Earth and Space Science and Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences departments. Both Masters and Ph.D programs are offered. Application information and forms can be found on the homepages of these departments. Prospective graduate students should apply to either the Earth and Space Sciences Department or to the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department. If they so request, their files will be circulated to all UCLA Space Physics faculty for their consideration. Fellowships are available from the California Space Grant Consortium for incoming graduate students, from the IGPP, and from the two departments. Research assistantships are also provided by individual faculty members. In addition, the Space Grant Consortium supports curriculum development efforts in the space science and aerospace engineering departments. Educational enhancement projects at UCLA have included the textbook "Introduction to Space Physics". Some of these exercises are available on the web. A number of review articles written for the educated layman are available as on-line tutorials covering some of the research now being done at UCLA.

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Last updated: June 14, 2010