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On-line Data Servers

Space Science Center provides many data sets to the scientific community through its online servers. Data are available from groundstation magnetometers, from the IMP-8 mission, the ISEE mission, and the Polar mission. Most data servers display data as a plot or allow you to retrieve data in ASCII form to use in your own data analysis program. Data unavailable through the online servers may be requested from the data librarian at SSC. Other WWW sites also offer online data and information that may be of interest.

Ground Station Magnetometer Data Server
This server provides data from 125 stations from 11 chains of ground stations around the world. The data are available at three resolutions: original 1 minute data, averaged 5 minute data and averaged hourly data.
IMP-8 Interactive Data Server
This server provides IMP-8 plasma moments and magnetic field data that are 5 minute averages with 5 minute resolution.
ISEE Magnetometer Interactive Data Server
This server provides 60 second and 4 second data from the ISEE-1 and ISEE-2 magnetometers.
Polar MFE Interactive Data Server
This server provides Polar magnetometer data at 1 minute, 6 second and 8 s/s resolutions.
Polar Spacecraft Orbit Plots
This server provides plots of the Polar orbit in GSM, GSE, and SM coordinates.
WIND/IMP Correlative Data Server
This server provides correlative data from the WIND MFI and SWE instruments and the IMP 8 magnetometer.

Data Access Links

NSF/Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM) Data Access Links
Links to data and links to data centers of interest to those participating in GEM.

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Last updated: April 24, 2000