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An increasing number of Web sites offer background information on basic concepts in solar and heliospheric physics, magnetospheric physics, and aeronomy. Some sites are intended specifically for a K-12 audience and include classroom activities and suggestions for teachers; others are more broadly addressed to members of the general public who are interested in space research.

We provide here a directory of selected SPA education and outreach websites. The directory is organized topically in the following sections: the Sun, the heliosphere and interplanetary medium, the Earth's magnetosphere, space weather, the aurora, the ionosphere, and planetary magnetospheres and atmospheres. Sites that provide information about several or all of these topics are also listed separately on a page devoted to comprehensive sites. (Of course, because solar, interplanetary, magnetospheric, and ionospheric phenomena are closely interrelated, there is inevitably some overlap in content even among the sites that are primarily focused on one topic.) A brief site description, along with a link to the site, is included for each listing.

If you are aware of a site that you think should be included in this directory, please e-mail the URL and a brief site description to

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