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March 25, 1996 Data Plots Figure Captions

by Xiaowen Zhou

Figure 1 IMF from IMP-8 key parameter. The first four panels are the three componets and the total field in GSM coordinates. The fifth panel is the time for the solar wind at IMP-8 to reach the subsolar point of Magnetopause (10 Re)

Figure 2 the same as Figure 1, but from WIND key parameter

Figure 3 Solar wind velocity, density (Np), and dynamic pressure (Dyn) from WIND key parameter

Figure 4 The difference of Bx between the data and IGRF95+Tsyganenko 95 model in field aligned coordinates

Figure 5 The same as Fiure 4, but for By

Figure 6 Inclination angle (I) and declination angle (D). red--data; green--Tsyganenko; blue--IGRF95

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