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Figure 1: Schematic of foreshock geometry and spacecraft locations in the V-B plane (the plane that contains the solar wind velocity and the IMF) for 01-11 UT, May 11.

Figure 2: Simultaneous observed magnetic field data in the foreshock (red) and in the undisturbed solar wind (blue) on May 11. The top panels are time series of the magnetic field. The bottom panels are corresponding power spectra (the sum of power in all three components).

Figure 3: Dynamic power spectra of Polar magnetic field data in By GSM component from 07 to 10 UT on May 11 (top) and May 14 (bottom).

Figure 4: Dynamic power spectra of the H-component of ground-based magnetic field from IGPP/LANL mid-latitudes stations AFA, LAL, and SGD.

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