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Online Papers - Polar Magnetometer Group
  1. The GGS/Polar Magnetic Fields Investigation
    C.T. Russell, R.C. Snare, J.D. Means, D. Pierce, D. Dearborn,
    M. Larson, G. Barr, G. Le
    Space Sci. Rev., 71
    , pp. 563-582, 1995.
  2. Initial Results from the POLAR Magnetic Fields Investigation
    C. T. Russell, G. Le, X-W Zhou, P. H. Reiff, J. G. Luhmann, C. A. Cattell, R. L. McPherron, and M. Ashour-Abdalla
    Adv. Space Res., 20, (4/5)833-839, 1997
  3. Field Aligned Currents in the High Latitude, High Altitude Magnetosphere: POLAR Initial Results
    C.T. Russell, X-W Zhou, G. Le, P.H. Reiff, J.G. Luhmann, C.A. Cattell and H. Kawano
    Geophys. Res. Lett., 24, 1455-1458, 1997
  4. Initial POLAR MFE Observation of Substorm Signatures in the Polar Magnetosphere
    H. Kawano, G. Le, C.T. Russell, G Rostoker, T. Mukai, H. Spence
    Geophys. Res. Lett., 24, 1459-1462, 1997
  5. Comparison of Observed and Model Magnetic Fields at High Altitudes Above the Polar Cap: POLAR Initial Results
    X.-W. Zhou, C. T. Russell, G. Le, and N. Tsyganenko Geophys. Res. Lett., 24, 1451-1454, 1997
  6. POLAR Magnetic Observations of the Low Altitude, High Latitude Magnetosphere During the January 1997 Magnetic Cloud Event
    G. Le, C. T. Russell, and J. G. Luhmann
    Geophys. Res. Let., 25, 2541-2544, 1998
  7. POLAR Magnetic Field Observations at Apogee During the January 1997 Magnetic Cloud Event
    F.R. Fenrich, J.G. Luhmann, G. Le, C.T. Russell
    Geophys. Res. Lett., 25,
    2541-2544, 1998.
  8. The Cusp/Magnetosheath Interface on May 29, 1996: Interball-1 and Polar Observations
    S. P. Savin, S. A. Romanov, A. O. Fedorov, L. Zelenyi, S. I. Klimov, Yu. I. Yermolaev, E. Yu. Budnik, N. S. Nikolaeva, C. T. Russell, X-W. Zhou, A. L. Urquhart, P. H. Reiff
    Geophys. Res. Lett., 25
    , 2963-2966, 1998.
  9. Entry of the POLAR Spacecraft into the Polar Cusp under Northward IMF Conditions
    C.T. Russell, J. A. Fedder, S. P. Slinker, X-W. Zhou, G. Le, J. G. Luhmann, F. R. Fenrich, M. O. Chandler, T. E. Moore, S. A. Fuselier
    Geophys. Res. Lett., 25,
    3015-3018, 1998.
  10. Observations of Large Amplitude Parallel Electric Field Wave Packets at the Plasma Sheet Boundary
    C. Cattell, J. Wygant, J. Dombeck, F.S. Mozer, M. Temerin, C.T. Russell
    Geophys. Res. Lett., 25, 857-860, 1998. (remote site)
  11. Initial Polar MFE Observations of the Low-Altitude Polar Magnetosphere: Monitoring the Ring Current with Polar Orbiting Spacecraft
    G. Le, C.T. Russell
    J. Geophys. Res., 103
    , 17345-17350, 1998
  12. The Extreme Compression of the Magnetosphere, May 4, 1998, as Observed by the Polar Spacecraft C.T. Russell, G. Le, P. Chi, X-W Zhou, J.H. Shue, S.M. Petrinec, P. Song, F.R. Fenrich, J.G. Luhmann
    Adv. Space Res., 25
    , (7/8)1369-1375, 2000.
  13. The Polar Cusp Location and Its Dependence on Dipole Tilt
    X. W. Zhou, C. T. Russell, G. Le, S. A. Fuselier, and J. D. Scudder
    Geophys. Res. Lett 26
    , 429-432, 1999.(remote site)
  14. Comparisons of Polar Satellite Observations of Solitary Wave Velocities in the Plasma Sheet Boundary and the High Altitude Cusp to Those in the Auroral Zone, C. A. Cattell, J. Dombeck, J. R. Wygant, M. K. Hudson, F. S. Mozer, M. A. Temerin, W. K. Peterson, C. A. Kletzing, C. T. Russell, and R. F. Pfaff,
    Geophys. Res. Lett., 26,
    425-428, 1999. (remote site)
  15. The Polar Cusp in Coordinated Measurements of Magnetospheric Processes, C.T. Russell
    Adv. Space Res., 25
    (718), 1413-1424, 2000.
  16. Sudden Compression of the Outer Magnetosphere Associated with an Ionospheric Mass Ejection
    C.T. Russell, X. W. Zhou, P. J. Chi. H. Kawano, T. E. Moore, W. K. Peterson, J. B. Cladis, H. J. Singer
    Geophys. Res. Lett, 26
    (15), 2343-2346, 1999.
  17. Solar Wind Control of the Polar Cusp at High Altitude
    X. W. Zhou, C. T. Russell, G. Le, S. A. Fuselier and J. D. Scudder
    J. Geophys. Res., 105, 245-251, 2000.
  18. Magnetosphere on May 11, 1999, the Day the Solar Wind Almost Disappeared: I. Current systems
    G. Le, C. T. Russell, and S. M. Petrinec
    Geophys. Res. Lett, 27, 1827-1830, 2000
  19. Magnetosphere on May 11, 1999, the Day the Solar Wind Almost Disappeared: II. Magnetic Pulsations in Space and on the Ground
    G. Le, P. J. Chi, W. Goedecke, C. T. Russell, A. Szabo, S. M. Petrinec, V. Angelopoulos, G. D. Reeves, and F. K. Chun
    Geophys. Res. Lett, 27, 2165-2168, 2000
  20. Polar Cusp and Vicinity Under Strongly Northward IMF on April 11, 1997: Observations and MHD Simulations
    G. Le, J. Raeder, C. T. Russell, G. Lu, S. M. Petrinec, and F. S. Mozer
    J. Geophys. Res., in press, 2001.
  21. Cusp Observations of high- and low-latitude reconnection for northward IMF: An Alternate View
    C. T. Russell, G. Le and S. M. Petrinec
    J. Geophys. Res., 105
    , 5489-5495, 2000.
  22. POLAR Eyes in the Cusp
    C. T. Russell
    Proceedings of the Cluster-II Workshop: Multiscale/Multipoint Plasma Measurements, ESA SP-449
    , pp. 47-55, edited by R. A. Harris, European Space Agency, Noordwijk, 2000.
  23. The Interplanetary Shock of September 24, 1998: Arrival at Earth
    C. T. Russell, Y. L. Wang, J. Raeder, R. L. Tokar, C. W. Smith, K. W. Ogilvie, A. J. Lazarus, R. P. Lepping, A. Szabo, H. Kawano, T. Mukai, S. Savin, Yu. Yermolaev, X-Y. Zhou, and B. T. Tsurutani
    J. Geophys. Res., 105,
    25,143-25,154, 2000.
Online Papers - Other Groups
  1. First Observations by the CEPPAD Imaging Proton Spectrometer Aboard Polar
    H.E. Spence and J.B. Blake
  2. First Energetic Neutral Atom Images from POLAR (.pdf)
    G. Reeves et al.
  3. Tail Lobe and Open Field Line Region Entries at Mid to High Latitudes
    J. Fennell et al.
  4. Observations of the mid-Altitude Magnetosheath During a Persistent Northward IMF Condition: Polar CAMMICE Observations
    M. Grande, et al.
  5. Field-Line Resonances Triggered by a Northward IMF Turning
    H. Laakso, et al.
  6. Ionospheric Mass Ejection in Response to a Coronal Mass Ejection
    Moore et al.

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