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Papers at Meetings using Polar Magnetometer Data

1996 AGU Spring SM42C-1 C/O Auroral physics, including preliminary results from POLAR satellite C. T. Russell P-Polar S-Wind

1996 Cospar Meeting C/O Initial results from the polar magnetic fields investigation C. T. Russell P-Polar

Chapman Conference on "The Earth's Magnetotail: New Perspectives" C/O Substorm influences in the polar magnetosphere: Initial POLAR MFE observations H. Kawano P-Polar

1996 Fall AGU SM21D-1 I/O Solar wind control and substorm effects on the high latitude, high altitude magnetosphere C. T. Russell P-Polar

1996 Fall AGU SM22B-8 C/P Magnetic field configuration near the Polar cusp: Initial POLAR magnetic measurements X. W. Zhou P-Polar S-Wind

1996 Fall AGU SM22B-11 C/P May 29, 1996: An overdraped lobe reconnection event observed by Polar P. H. Reiff P-Polar S-WIND

1996 Fall AGU SM22D-4 C/O Initial POLAR MFE observations of substorm signatures in the polar magnetosphere H. Kawano P-Polar S-Interball

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