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Polar Spacecraft Magnetometer Team Personnel

Polar magnetometer team personnel include scientists at both the PI institution (UCLA) and other university space physics groups around the United States, together with engineers, technicians and programmers at UCLA.

Scientists and their areas of interest
  • C.T. Russell, UCLA - MFE PI
  • M. Ashour-Abdalla, UCLA - Simulations
  • G. Le, UCLA - Boundary Layers
  • J. Luhmann, UCB - Solar Wind Control
  • R. McPherron, UCLA - Geomagnetic Activity
  • C. Cattell, University of Minnesota - Electric Field Correlation
  • P. Reiff, Rice University - Currents
  • P. Chi, UCLA - Ultra-Low-Frequency Waves

  • J.D. Means: Project Management; system design
  • R.C. Snare: Project Management; integration, test
  • D. Dearborn:Circuit boards
  • D. Pierce: Sensor design and test.
  • W. Greer: Fabrication.

  • X. Liu: Programmer
  • B. Littlefield: Programmer
  • D. Dearborn System Management
  • S. Wong System Management
  • B. Rezin: Data reduction coordinator

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