Robert Snare

Principal Engineer

I've been with the Space Science Center since 1964. In the course of my tenure, I have served as Project Engineer for the magnetometer systems flown on ATS 1, ATS 6, OGO 5, Apollo 15 and 16 lunar subsatellites, ISEE's 1 and 2, Pioneer Venus Orbiter, Galileo, GGS-Polar, and for the electron spectrometers flown on OGO's 5 and 6. I'm presently assisting the Cassini magnetometer team and acting as project manager for a magnetometer investigation on a Brazilian Satellite.

Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics / UCLA
Los Angeles, CA 90024-1567
Telephone: (310)825-1559
FAX: (310)206-8042
Internet e-mail:

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