Book Review: Solar Wind Eight


D. Winterhalter, J. T. Gosling, S. R. Habbal, W. S. Kurth, and M. Neugebauer (eds.), Solar Wind Eight, Proceedings of the Eighth International Solar Wind Conference, American Institute of Physics, Woodbury, New York, XIV + 680 pp., U.S. $165, ISBN 1-56396-418-X.

Originally published in:
Space Sci. Rev., 82, 474, 1997.

  This volume is the latest in a series of solar wind conference proceedings, spanning more than 3 decades and chronicling the developments of the field from its first baby steps to its recent giant stride out of the ecliptic plane. The 1995 Solar Wind Conference literally took the field into a new dimension. The Dana Point California meeting, attended by nearly 200 scientists from 23 countries has been summarized in a 680 page proceedings containing 178 papers. This book captures much of the work presented at the meeting and documents the physics of the solar wind from its source on the Sun to its interaction with the local interstellar medium, both in the ecliptic plane, and now out of the ecliptic with the Ulysses observations that form the centerpiece of these proceedings. The book is divided into four sections of roughly equal length: The Sun's Corona, and the Acceleration of the Solar and Stellar Winds; The Composition and Internal State of the Solar Wind; Solar Wind Structure Dynamics and Evolution; and the Outer Heliosphere, Boundaries and Interactions with the Local Interstellar Medium. The articles are by the leading researchers in the field and quite thoroughly cover the research underway. It is a book that no serious researcher in solar wind research should be without. The production quality of the book is quite high. It is uniformly easy to read and would make a handsome addition to anyone's bookshelf.



Department of Earth and Space Sciences,
University of California,
Los Angeles

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