Evidence for Lightning on Venus (PDF Document)
W. L. Taylor, F. L. Scarf, C. T. Russell and L. H. Brace
Originally published in: Nature, 282, pp. 614-616, 1979.

Discovery of Ganymede's Magnetic Field by the Galileo Spacecraft (Remote Site)
M.G. Kivelson, K.K. Khurana, C.T. Russell, R.J. Walker, J. Warnecke, F.V. Coroniti C. Polanskey, D.J. Southwood, G. Schubert
Originally published in: Nature, 384, 396, 1996.

Absence of an Internal Magnetic Field at Callisto (Remote Site)
K. K. Khurana, M.G. Kivelson, C. T. Russell, R.J. Walker
Originally published in: Nature, 387, 262-264, 1997.


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