Chronological list of papers: 1980-1984


Pioneer Venus Orbiter Fluxgate Magnetometer
C. T. Russell, R. C. Snare, J. D. Means, R. C. Elphic
Originally published in: IEEE Trans. on Geosciences and Remote Sensing, GE-18, 32-36, 1980.

Comparison of ISEE-1 and -3 Interplanetary Magnetic Field Observations
C. T. Russell, G. L. Siscoe, E. J. Smith
Originally published in: Geophys. Res. Lett., 7, No. 5, pp. 381-384, 1980.

Measurements of the Lunar Induced Magnetic Moment in the Geomagnetic Tail: Evidence For a Lunar Core?
C. T. Russell, P. J. Coleman Jr., B. E. Goldman
Originally published in: Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci., 12B, pp. 831-836, 1981.

Active Experiments in Space Plasmas
Edited By C.T. Russell & M.J. Rycroft
Advances in Space Research, 1(2), 488pp, Pergamon Press, 1981.

The IMS Source Book
Edited by C. T. Russell and David J. Southwood
304pp, American Geophysical Union, Washington, D.C. 1982.

The Properties of the Low Altitude Magnetic Belt in the Venus Ionosphere
C. T. Russell, J. G. Luhmann, R. C. Elphic
Originally published in: Adv. Space Res., Vol. 2, No. 10, pp. 13-16, 1983.

The Interaction of the Solar Wind with Venus
C. T. Russell, O. Vaisberg
Originally published in: Venus, University of Arizona Press, (edited by D.M. Hunton, L. Colin, T.M. Donahue, V.I. Moroz), pp. 873-940, 1983.

Dust in Space and Comets
Edited by G.E. Morfill, C.T. Russell, M.S.Hanne
Advances in Space Research, 4(9),316pp, Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1984.


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