Fifth Lunar Science Conference: Lunar Orbital Data Maps

Plate 3. Contour map of the strength of the fine scale lunar magnetic field formed by taking the squares of the radial, east, and north components at each grid point in Plates 4, 5, and 6. (Plates 3-6 prepared by C.T. Russell, P.J. Coleman, and G. Schubert.)
Plates 4, 5, and 6. Contour maps of the fine scale lunar magnetic field as observed at the Apollo 15 and 16 subsatellites; Plate 4, radial component; Plate 5, east component; and Plate 6, north component. To prepare these maps all magnetically quiet passes when the moon was in the geomagnetic tail, and the altitude was between 60 and 170 km, were filtered to pass all features with scale sizes of less than 20°. These data were then rotated into the local radial, east, and north components, and averaged in 1° 1° bins irrespective of altitude. Finally, contours were drawn through the resulted grid of field values.

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