Selected Scientific Contributions to Space Physics: C. T. Russell

1968 Discovers ELF hiss in the plasmasphere
1969 Discovers intense, equatorially confined hiss in outer plasmasphere
1970 Discovers erosion of magnetopause for southward IMF (with Aubry and Kivelson)
1971 Discovers whistler mode shocklets upstream of bowshock
1971 Discovers polar cusp in OGO-5 data contemporaneous with ISIS and IMP
1972 Explains dynamical behavior of auroral oval as due to reconnection and flux transfer
1972 Predicts sunward convection over the polar cusp for northward IMF
1973 Explains semi-annual variation of geomagnetic activity as due to reconnection and latitudinal effects
1973 Proposes near-Earth neutral point model of substorms
1974 Explains the origin of geomagnetic storms by deep steady magnetospheric convection
1974 Proposes that substorms cause plasmoids
1975 Develops formula for predicting strength of ring current from solar wind and IMF (with Burton and McPherron)
1977 Discovers neutral point motion and accelerated flow in tail (with R. P. Lin)
1977 Discovers that northward turning of the IMF causes substorm onset (with M. Caan and R. L. McPherron)
1978 Discovers flux transfer events
1979 Discovers flux ropes in Venus ionosphere
1979 Discovers that reconnection causes accelerated flows at magnetopause (with G. Paschmann)
1982 Discovers that Mach number controls collisionless shock overshoot
1982 Measures thickness and velocity of magnetopause (with J. Berchem)
1985 Discovers flux transfer events at Mercury and Jupiter (with R. J. Walker)
1986 Measures thickness of current sheet in the tail (with D. McComas)
1987 Discovers mirror mode waves at comet Halley
1989 Discovers ULF waves in the magnetosphere of Mercury
1990 Discovers standing slow wave in the magnetosheath (with P. Song)
1994 Shows Hall MHD formalism not adequate to treat moderate and high beta plasma (with D. Orlowski)
1994 Discovers naturally occurring switch-on shock (with M. Farris)
1996 Demonstrates that low latitude boundary layer formed by cusp reconnection (with G. Le)
1998 Discovers substorm-like events in near jovian tail
1998 Discovers source of trans-ionospheric pulse pairs
1998 Determines that leading polarity of ICMEs is determined by global solar field ( with T. Mulligan)
1998 Confirms Dungey's northward IMF model