Selected Scientific Contributions to Planetary Physics: C. T. Russell

1972 Discovery of extensive magnetism of lunar surface
1975 Discovery of conducting lunar core (with B. Goldstein)
1977 Discovery of absorption of solar wind by Venus atmosphere
1978 Established that Mars had no significant magnetic dipole moment
1979 Discovery of lightning on Venus (with F. L. Scarf)
1980 Established that Venus had no significant magnetic dipole moment
1981 Discovered the induced magnetotail of Venus
1984 Discovered disturbances in interplanetary magnetic field correlated with passage of asteroid 2201 Olijato
1985 Discovery of flux transfer events at the magnetopause of Mercury and Jupiter (with R. J. Walker)
1988 Discovery of mirror mode fluctuations in the coma of comet Halley
1989 Discovery of ULF waves in the magnetosphere of Mercury
1995 Confirmed that Mars had no significant magnetic dipole moment
1998 Discovery of substorm-like behavior in the magnetosphere of Jupiter
2000 Discovery of the variable composition of Io's atmosphere
2000 Determined the processes enabling the plasma circulation of the jovian magnetosphere
2001 Used in situ magnetometry to determine the rotation period of Jupiter
2001 Explained the formation of the torus in terms of ENA production in the Io exosphere