Software Packages that could be useful for the class

(On Russell group Sun system)


1. bx - Time series analysis with graphical interface:

This program provides visualization of time series of 3 component vector time series. Coordinate rotations including those derived from the data such as minimum variance, tangential discontinuity, and shock coplanarity. Power spectra, coherence and phase spectra are calculated. Wave analysis of the real and imaginary parts of the spectral matrix provide measures of the direction of propagation and the polarization as a function of frequency as well as the handedness and ellipticity. Hodograms can also be drawn.


2. mx - Dynamic spectral analysis:

This program enables the display and analysis of data from multiple stations. Dynamic spectra of either the time series or its time derivative are permitted. Cross spectral phase and coherence are provided. Dynamic analysis of the real and imaginary parts of the spectral matrix are provided, including the dynamic calculation of the ellipticity and direction of propagation.


3. xspace - Tutorial exercises in space physics


4. xsolar - Tutorial exercises in solar physics


5. xwaves - Warm plasma dispersion solver


6. xtrans - Coordinate transformation:

This program allows the transformation of vectors from one geomagnetic coordinate system to another. It also calculates geomagnetic locations and local times from geographic location and universal times.

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