ESS 265 Schedule

1. Monday, March 31 --C.T. Russell --Overview, Access to Space

2. Wednesday, April 2 --C.T. Russell --Mission Design

3. Monday, April 7 --C.T. Russell --Past Present and Future Missions

4. Wednesday, April 9 --C.T. Russell --Instrumentation, Magnetometers

5. Monday, April 14 --V. Angelopoulos --Electric Field Instruments

6. Wednesday, April 16 --V. Angelopoulos --Decommutation and processing of fields data

7. Monday, April 21 --V. Angelopoulos --Low energy particle detectors

8. Wednesday, April 23 --V. Angelopoulos --High energy particle detectors

9. Monday, April 28 --V. Angelopoulos --Decommutation and processing of particle data

10. Wednesday, April 30 --C.T. Russell --Instrumentation, Near Earth

11. Monday, May 5 --C.T. Russell --Instrumentation, Deep Space

12. Wednesday, May 7 --C.T. Russell --Coordinate Systems, Spectral Analysis

13. Monday, May 12 --C.T. Russell --Wave and Discontinuity Analysis

14. Wednesday, May 14 --V. Angelopoulos --Time series analysis techniques

15. Monday, May 19 --V. Angelopoulos --Multisatellite, multi-instrument analysis with IDL

16. Wednesday, May 21 --V. Angelopoulos --Optical instruments from ground and space

17. Wednesday, May 28 --C.T. Russell --TBD

18. Friday, May 30 --C.T. Russell --TBD

19. Monday, June 2 --V. Angelopoulos --Microspacecraft opportunities and the birth of a new mission: ARTEMIS

20. Wednesday, June 4 --V. Angelopoulos --Simulations as tools for mission design and data interpretation

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