Joe Means

Principal Development Engineer

I've worked at UCLA since 1965. My experience with space flight instrumentation includes the search coil magnetometers on OGO's 1 through 6, and the fluxgate magnetometer system on ISEE's 1 and 2, Pioneer Venus Orbiter, and Galileo. I am presently in charge of the digital data handling assembly for the magnetometer system to be flown on the ISTP/Polar spacecraft, and managing the preparation of the FAST (Small Explorer) spacecraft magnetometers. I've been involved in the development of numerous ground based observatories including the AFGL Magnetometer Chain; UCLA - Palmdale bulge, NOL systems, and the new generation SMALL array.

Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics / UCLA
Los Angeles, CA 90024-1567
Telephone: (310)825-6868
FAX: (310)206-8042

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