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'''Latest Reports'''
'''Latest Reports'''
'''Steering Committee Report: Summer 2008'''
[[Steering Committee Report: Summer 2008]]

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Documents and Reports

Latest Reports

Steering Committee Report: Summer 2008


GEM Global Interactions Campaign Report 2006 Snowmass Meeting

Documents for Inner Magnetosphere/Storm Campaign

   * Plan for GEM Inner Magnetosphere and Storms Campaign
   * 4-Year Research Strategy: Overview | 1st Draft Strategy 

Documents for GGCM Campaign

   * GGCM Concept Study Report
   * Draft GGCM Planning Document

Documents for Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Campaign

   * Cedar Report
   * GEM Report

Documents for Tail-Substorm Campaign

   * Report Upon The End Of The GEM Tail-Substorm Campaign

Bibliography: GEM Boundary Layer Campaign 1990-1998

Campaigns and Working Group Reports

Steering Committee Reports

Student Tutorials


A Short History (1987-90)

GEM: A Program of solar Terrestrial Research in global Geosciences (1988)

Report from the First GEM Campaigns 1991 - 1997

2006 Structure

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