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2008 Summer Workshop2008 Summer Workshop Agenda
2010 Summer Workshop2011 CEDAR-GEM Joint Workshop2012 Summer Workshop
2013 GEM-CEDAR Workshop2013 Summer Workshop2014 Summer Workshop
2014 Summer Workshop Sessions2015 Summer Workshop
2016 GEM-CEDAR Workshop2016 Mini GEM , San Francisco, Ca2016 Summer Workshop, Santa-Fe, NM
2017 GEM Workshop2017 Summer Workshop, Portsmouth, VABibliography
Bibliography: GEM Boundary Layer Campaign 1990-1998Campaigns and Working Group ReportsComparing the Properties of Magnetic Reconnection in Various Environments
Creation and Propagation of CMEs and Plasmoids: Loss of Equilibrium and Subsequent EvolutionCurrent EventsCurrent events
Data and ModelsDocuments and Reports
FG1. GGCM Metrics and ValidationFG10. Diffuse Auroral PrecipitationFG11. Plasmasphere-Magnetosphere Interactions
FG12. Substorm Expansion Onset: The First 10 MinutesFG13. Modes of Solar WInd-Magnetosphere Energy TransferFG2. GGCM Modules and Methods
FG3. Foreshock, Bowshock, MagnetosheathFG4. Plasma Entry and Transport into and within the MagnetotailFG5. Dayside Magnetopause Reconnection
FG6. Cusp PhysicsFG7. MIC ElectrodynamicsFG8. Near Earth Magnetosphere: plasma, fields, and coupling
FG9. Space Radiation ClimatologyFG: 3D Ionospheric Electrodynamics and Its Impact on the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupled SystemFG: Dayside FACs and Energy Deposition
FG: Dayside Kinetic Processes in Global Solar Wind-Magnetosphere InteractionFG: Geospace Systems ScienceFG: Inner Magnetosphere Cross-Energy/Population Interactions
FG: Magnetic Reconnection in the MagnetosphereFG: Merged Modeling & Measurement of Injection Ionospheric Plasma into the Magnetosphere and Its Effect (M3-I2)
FG: Metrics and ValidationFG: Modeling Methods and Validation
FG: Quantitative Assessment of Radiation Belt ModelingFG: Radiation Belts and Wave ModelingFG: Scientific Magnetic Mapping & Techniques
FG: Storm-Time Inner Magnetosphere-Ionosphere ConvectionFG: Tail-Inner Magnetosphere InteractionsFG: Tail Environment and Dynamics at Lunar Distances
FG: Testing Proposed Links between Mesoscale Auroral and Polar Cap Dynamics and SubstormsFG: The Ionospheric Source of Magnetospheric PlasmaFG: The Magnetosheath
FG: Transient Phenomena at the Magnetopause and Bow Shock and Their Ground SignaturesFG: ULF Wave Modeling, Effects, and Applications
Future WorkshopsGEM-ULTIMA Forum
GEM/CEDAR M3-I2 SessionsGEM 2007 Fall AGU miniworkshop schedule, December 9, 2007, Mariott, San FranciscoGEM Bylaws
GEM Focus GroupsGEM M3-I2 Sessions June 17-23, 2018GEM M3-I2 Sessions June 18-23, 2017 
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M3-I2AnnouncementM3-I2 GEM-CEDAR SessionsM3-I2 Measurements Assets
M3-I2 Modeling AssetsM3-I2 Models PageM3-I2 Session 1 - Mag Effects
M3-I2 Session 2 - Ionosphere Boundary to OutflowM3-I2 Session 2 - Recap and OrganizeM3-I2 email list
M3I2Main PageNSF Ground-based Magnetometer Array Workshop
NewslettersOrganization and People
Past EventsPast WorkshopsPerpendicular Ion Heating: Observations at Earth and theory at the Sun
Radiation Belt Models -- development, verification, validation (Scot Elkington and Yuri Shprits)SEPs from Heliosphere to Magnetosphere
Small-Scale Structure in the Solar Wind and Its Effect on EarthSolar-Wind Drivers or Internal Magnetospheric ProcessesSteering Committee Report: Summer 2008
StormStorm 1: 2016 Mar 4-8 (64-68)Storm 1: 2016 Mar 4-9 (64-68)
Storm 2: 2016 Oct 11-15 (285-289)Upcoming EventsWhat Determines When Reconnection Turns On? Chromosphere,Corona, Solar Wind, Magnetopause, and Magnetotail
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