M3-I2 Measurements Assets

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Measurements Assets for GGCM (M-I-T)
Model Developer Institution POC email Description
Magnetosphere Satellite Instruments
MMS Fast Plasma Investigation (FPI) Craig Pollock NASA Barbara.Giles@nasa.gov electron and ion spectrometers
MMS Hot Plasma Composition Analyzer (HPCA) Dave Young - Stephen Fuselier NASA Fuselier, Stephen <sfuselier@swri.edu> particle mass
Polar Wind/Ion Outflow Measurements
ePoP Suprathermal Electron Imager (SEI) Dave Knudsen low energy electrons
Model 2 Name 2 Institution 2 POC 2 Description 2
Ionospheric Boundary Measurements
SuperDARN Radars Michael Ruohoniemi Virginia Tech space@VT line-of-sight ion velocities
AMISR Michael Nicolls SRI International Multiple ionospheric parameters
Sondrestrom Mary McCready SRI International Multiple ionospheric parameters
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