GEM M3-I2 Sessions June 24-28, 2019

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2019 GEM Workshop June 24-28, 2019

Co-Chairs for M3-I2 Sessions

Barbara Giles, NASA/GSFC/GPL
Shasha Zou, U. of Michigan/CLaSP
Rick Chappell, emeritus Vanderbilt Univ / emeritus NASA MSFC

Session 1: Tuesday 1:30PM - Room tbd - Ionosphere/Magnetosphere Merged Models as a Context for the Observations

in collaboration with DIPS and MMV groups

  • Chair: Rick Chappell -- Scribe: Barbara Giles
  1. Rick Chappell, Focus Group co-Chair: Overview and Updates
  2. Invited: Daniel Welling: A Three Fluid Approach to Comprehensive Outflow Modeling
  3. George Khazanov: The Electrostatic Potential Jumps Over the Sunlit Polar Cap Region
  4. Invited: Katie Garcia-Sage: title tbd
  5. Invited: Matina Gkioulidou: O+ circulation within the M-I coupled system
  6. Matthew Huddleston: Ion Trajectories Connecting the Ionosphere to the Magnetosphere
  7. additional participants welcome! you are welcome to add your contribution here or to email and

Session 2: Tuesday 3:30PM - Lumpkins Ballroom North -- Physical Processes/Observations of Upflow as it evolves to Outflow

  • Chair: Barbara Giles -- Scribe: Rick Chappell
  1. Invited: Roger Varney: title tbd
  2. Jonathan Krall: SAMI2 simulation of counterstreaming H+ outflows during refilling
  3. Naritoshi Kitamura: Solar Zenith Angle Dependence of Relationship Between Energy Inputs to the Ionosphere and Ion Outflow Fluxes
  4. Meghan Burleigh: Transient ionospheric upflow driven by PMAFs observed during the RENU2 sounding rocket campaign
  5. Chao Yue (UCLA): Unexpected field-aligned PAD of energetic ions in the ring current region
  6. Mei-Yun Lin: Nitrogen Outflow in the Polar Wind Outflow Model (PWOM)
  7. Chu Xiangning:'Identifying the Magnetospheric Driver of STEVE'

  1. additional participants welcome! you are welcome to add your contribution here or to email and

Session 3: Wednesday 10:30AM - Room tbd -- Observations/Physical Processes of the Coupled Ionosphere-Magnetosphere System as a Consequence of Upflow/Outflow

Joint with the MMS Science Working Team

  • Chair: Barbara Giles -- Scribe: Rick Chappell
  1. Invited: Lynn Kistler: title soon to be supplied
  2. Invited: Stephen Fuselier: title soon to be supplied
  3. Naritoshi Kitamura: O+ Measurements by MMS Around the Near-Earth Plasma Sheet Boundary
  4. Li-Jen Chen: Can energetic O+ outflows preceding superstorms participate in the ring current directly?
  5. Christopher Mouikis: title soon to be supplied
  6. Justin Lee: MMS Measurements of Low-energy Plasma Composition and its Effects on EMIC Waves
  7. Andrei Runov: THEMIS observations of ionospheric oxygen outflow during the substorm growth phase

Session 4: Wednesday 1:30 PM - Room tbd -- Focus Group Planning Session — Further work on the Community Storm Studies for Upflow/Outflow

  • Chair: Rick Chappell -- Scribe: Barbara Giles
  1. Andrew Yau: e-POP Ion Composition Observations of Topside Ion Upflows: Storm Challenge Events 1 and 2 and Statistical Study of Other Storms in 2014-2017
  2. Barbara Giles: Access to Polar TIDE outflow data base, new tools, new data products
  3. Rick Chappell: Summary of Progess:
  4. Discussion on Storm Challenges
  5. additional participants welcome! you are welcome to add your contribution here or to email and

Shall we reboot our collaborative efforts on the Storm Challenges?

  • Storm 1: 2016 Mar 4-8 (DOY 64-68)
  • Storm 2: 2016 Oct 11-15 (285-289) <-- some work has been done on this event
  • Possibly: 2016 May 6-10 (127-131)
  • Possibly, new since last year: 2018 Aug 25-31
    • Especially including new and newly-restored data sets
    • Other specialized events/studies are welcome, especially those speaking to statistical states. It is important to study not only storm times, but also non-storm times in which the ionosphere is feeding the plasma sheet and building it up steadily prior to any reconnection or storm activity.

This will also be a focus for M3I2 GEM Mini-Workshop at 2019 Fall AGU.

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