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Title File Type Author
Solar Wind/Outer Magnetosphere PDF file Nicki Viall
Inner Mag: Plasma Sheet and Ring Current PDF file Raluca Ilie
Radiation Belt PDF file Bob Johnston
Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling PDF file Betsey Mitchell
Modeling the Space environment PDF file Dan Welling
Inner Mag: Plasma sheet and Ring Current PDF file Betsey Mitchell
Radiation Belt PDF file Elly Huang
Magnetosphere/Ionosphere Coupling PDF file Hyomin Kim
Modeling: New Challenges and approaches PDF file Katie Garcia


Title File Type Author
Using the CCMC - Tutorial PDF file R. J. Strangeway
Ring Current and Plasmasphere Accomplishments During the GEM IM/S Campaign PPT file M. Liemohn
Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling Below 3000 km: Conversion of Upwelling Ions to Escaping Ions
If O+ is important in the magnetosphere, how does it get out of the ionosphere?
PDF file P.M. Kintner, Jr. et al.
Using the Cusp to Study Magnetic Reconnection PPT file K. J. Trattner
Ionospheric Plasma in the Earth's Magnetotail PDF file T. E. Moore
Magnetoseismology for the inner magntosphere PDF file Kazue Takahashi
Energy as a global-scale diagnostic for MI coupling processes PDF file Tuija I. Pulkkinen
Physical Processes in the Radiation Belts: 10 Years of GEM IMS Accomplishments PDF file R. M. Thorne
The Physics of Field-Aligned Currents PDF file A. N. Wright
Kinetic Processes and MHD Models: Can they work together? PDF file M. Hesse

Global Interactions Reconnection Sessions

Title File Type Author
Time-Varying Reconnection PDF file C. T. Russell
FTE motion: Comparison with the Cooling model PDF file R. Fear
Reconnection PDF file T. E. Moore


Title File Type Author
Auroral Boundaries: Finding Them in Data Models PDF file Gang Lu
CEDAR 1983-2005 PDF file Tim Killeen
Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM): Not Business as Usual PDF file C. T. Russell
Sub-Auroral Electric Fields - An Inner Magnetosphere Perspective PDF file Bob Spiro
DASI: Distributed Arrays of Small Instruments PDF file John Foster
e-Science for Geoscience: Virtual Observatories in the Framework of 'Electronic Geophysical Year' PDF file Vladimir Papitashvili
Modeling Interactions between the Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Thermosphere PDF file Michael Wiltberger
Understanding data assimilation: how observations and a model are weaved into the analysis via statistics PDF file Tomoko Matsuo
Magnetosphere Ionosphere Coupling from a Magnetospheric Point of View PDF file Robert L McPherron
Magnetosphere Ionosphere Coupling: Ionosphereic Perspective PDF file Rod Heelis
The tribulations and exaltations in coupling models of the magnetosphere with ionosphere-thermosphere models PPT file and movie Aaron Ridley
ULF Wave Modelling With A Motive: Effects on Energetic Paritcles PPT file Hudson et al.


Title File Type Author
The Dependence of the Plasma Sheet on the Solar Wind PDF file Joe Borovsky
Architecture of the Earth System Modeling Framework PPT file Cecilia DeLuca
The Cusp and Its Role In Magnetosphere Dynamics PPT file G. Siscoe
The 3-D Extended Ionosphere PPT file and one movie Bob Schunk


Title File Type Author
Storm-Time Dynamics of the Inner-Magnetosphere: Observations of Sources and Transport Power Point Michelle F. Thomsen
Multi-Fluid/Particle Treatment of Magnetospheric/Ionospheric Coupling During Substorms and Storms Power Point and individual movies Robert M. Winglee
M-I Coupling from the Ionosphere-Thermosphere Perspective: Melting the Frozen-In Flux PDF file Jeff Thayer
Electrodynamic Coupling of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere Power Point Bob Lysak
Formation of Planetary Magnetospheres - What can we learn from global hybrid simulations? Power Point X.Blanco-Cano
Modeling Geomagnetic Storm Dynamics Power Point and 3 movies Vania K. Jordanova
Transport in the Radiation Belts and the role of Magnetospheric ULF Waves Power Point and 5 movies Scot R. Elkington
Mass Transport: To the Plasma Sheet - and Beyond! Power Point Terry Onsager
Data Assimilation for the Space Environment Power Point Ludger Scherliess
The Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM) Power Point R. G. Roble


Title File Type Author
Electrodynamics of M-I Coupling (Student submission) PDF file Sorin Zaharia
Global MHD Simulation in Geospace (Student submission) Power Point and 2 animated movies, plus supporting material Yongli Wang
Inner Magnetospheric Shielding, Penetration Electric Field, and the Plasmasphere (Student submission) Power Point Jerry Goldstein
Latest Advances in Hybrid Codes & their Application to Global agnetospheric Simulations A New Approach to Simulations of Complex Systems Power Point H. Karimabadi
Inner Magnetospheric Electric Fields Power Point animated file and 1 movie to be downloaded R. A. Wolf
Electron Acceleration and Loss in the Earth's Radiation Belts: The Contribution of Wave-particle Interactions PDF file Richard Horne


Title File Type Author
Outstanding Issues in Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling: The Three-Dimensional Ionosphere PDF file Robert J. Strangeway


Title File Type Author
70 Years of Magnetospheric Modeling A Tutorial slide version - no animation George Siscoe
70 Years of Magnetospheric Modeling A Tutorial Power Point animated file and 3 movies to be downloaded George Siscoe
Geoeffectiveness of Solar Wind Transients PDF file Christopher T. Russell
The Magnetosphere as a Sink of Ionospheric Plasma PDF file Thomas E. Moore
Tail Auroral Current Responses to Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure Enhancements PDF file Eftyhia Zesta


Title File Type Author
Theory and Modeling of the Radiation Belts PDF file Anthony Chan
Student Commissioned Tutorial: "What are they arguing about?" SUBSTORMS! PDF file Robert L. McPherron
Plasma Sheet Flows and Relationship to Substorms PDF file V. Angelopoulos

The Emerging Physics of Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection

PDF file Jim Drake

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