Snowmass'96 Online Poster Session

Welcome to the Online Poster Session which is in conjunction with the GEM Snowmass'96 Workshop

Boundary Layer Campaign Posters

HF-Radar Observations of the Dayside Magnetic Merging Rate: A GEM Boundary Layer Campaign Study
K. B. Baker, A. S. Rodger, and G. Lu

Simultaneous Pc 3's and High Latitude Impulsive Events
E. A. Bering, III and M. J. Engebretson

On the Self-Consistent Determination of Dayside Magnetopause Shape and Position
M. D. Kartalev, V. I. Nikolova, I. P. Mastikov, and V.F. Kamenetsky

Magnetospheric Geomagnetic Coordinates
V. O. Papitashvili, N. E. Papitashvili, and J. H. King

UCLA Magnetometer for Ground-Based Observatory
C. T. Russell, G. Le, D. Dearborn, D. Pierce, and J. D. Means

Tail/Substorm Campaign Posters

Spontaneous Substorm Onset During a Prolonged Period of Steady Southward Interplanetary Magnetic Field
V. Angelopoulos, V. A. Sergeev, F. S. Mozer, K. Tsuruda, S. Kokubun, T. Yamamoto, R. Lepping and E. Friis-Christensen

Are Bursty Bulk Flows (BBFs) Associated with Localized, Transient Reconnection?
Larry Kepko and Margaret Kivelson

Substorm Influence on the Ionospheric Convection Patterns
D. R. Weimer

GGCM Workshop Posters

Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory: A Testbed for Synchronous Collaboration over Wide Area Electronic Networks
T. L. Killeen, D. E. Atkins, A. G. Burns, C. R. Clauer, J. A. Cumnock, T. A. Finholt, F. Jahanian, G. M. Olson, V. O. Papitashvili, A. Prakash, C. E. Rasmussen, and T. E. Weymouth

Neural Network Provided Dst Sensitivity Testing in the Rice Magnetospheric Specification and Forecast Model's 10 keV Proton Fluxes
Kirt A. Costello and John W. Freeman

Space Weather Forecast From WIND Data and IZMEM Electric Potentials
V. O. Papitashvili, C. R. Clauer, M. L. Cooper, B. A. Belov and A. E. Levitin

New Model for Prediction of Ionospheric Electric Potentials as a Function of the IMF
D. R. Weimer

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