Inner Magnetosphere/Storm Campaign

Overview of 4 Year Strategy



Parallel Strategy Components




Smaller Event Studies, Statistical Studies Development of


Major Storm Studies

Parameterized Models


Year 1

  • Comparative study of 2 magnetic storms triggered by different SW drivers (CME vs. high speed stream).

  • Candidate events will be displayed on web site & e-mailed to community.

  • Request that comments on satellite and ground based data availabil-ity, solar wind drivers, other interesting aspects be sent to Geoff Reeves. Also other storm suggestions

  • Selection of events by Fall AGU meeting.

  • Candidate events include:

    25-29 Aug 1990

    4-5 June 1991

    7-10 July 1991

    15-18 May 1997

    17-18 Feb 1998

    2-10 May 1998

  • Send out query to GEM community with the detailed strategy document & details of events selected

  • Solicit participation of the Storm Event campaign

  • Start a web site housing data and model outputs from the storm study
  • Send out query to GEM community with the detailed strategy document

  • Solicit participation of core efforts from each participant

  • Request descriptions of core efforts from each participant

  • Table of participants and their interests will be listed and continuously updated on a web site for the community

  • In addition, participants will be actively recruited to fill gaps in the strategy, and/or supply crucial models, data sets of boundary conditions.

  • These studies will be carried out throughout the 4 year campaign

  • Anticipate special GEM sessions and debates and paper sets to result from these small scale but crucial studies.
  • Subsequent


  • Phase in other comparative storm studies as appropriate. Would like to examine solar max vs. solar min, small vs. intense, single-dip vs. double-dip Dst, etc.
  • Strong input to, & collaboration with, larger storm studies due to continuous improvements in understanding and modeling of important physical processes.

  • New gaps may be identified by major storm studies and added to strategy


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