Steering Committee Reports

Mary K. Hudson (August 1, 2000 - July 31, 2003)
Richard Wolf(August 1, 1997 - July 31, 2000)
Jeff Hughes (August 1, 1994 - July 31, 1997)
Bill Lotko(August 1, 1991 - July 31, 1994)
George Siscoe(Ended on July 31, 1991)
Regular Members
Moldwin, Mark (2000-2003)
Toffoletto, Frank (W/S Coord) (2000-2003)
Borovsky, Joe (1999-2002)
Aaron Ridley (2002-2005)
Lu, Gang (2002-2005)
Wang, Yongli (2003)
Gallagher, Dennis (2000-2003)
Sanchez, Ennio (2001-2004)
Lyon, John (1999-2002)
Russell, Chris (Communications Coordinator)
Liaison Members
Fraser, Brian (Liaison to Australia)
Moretto, Therese (Liaison to Denmark)
Nishida, Atsuhiro (Liaison to Japan)
Opgenoorth, Hermann (Liaison to Germany)
Rodger, Alan (Liaison to Great Britain)
Sydora, Rick (Liaison to Canada)
Baker, Kile (Liaison to NSF)
Singer, Howard (Liaison to NOAA)
Smith, Roger (Liaison to CEDAR)
Webb, David (Liaison to SHINE)
Peterson, William (Liaison to NASA Hq)

Each year, the steering committee members meet following the Snowmass Workshop in the summer. Sometimes they also meet following the San Francisco mini-workshop during the week of the Fall AGU meeting. Reports of the meetings are available.

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