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One-Second Resolution Magnetometer Data

Data server for IGPP/LANL array, Chimag, Small and other arrays.

One-minute Resolution Data from IMS Period (1978-1987)

This server provides ground magnetometer data obtained during and immediately after the International Magnetospheric Study (IMS) period (1978-1987). These data were collected to monitor ionospheric and magnetospheric current systems. These data are not suitable for studies of the internal field because no attempt has been made to maintain accurate baselines. Data and plots for more recent time intervals can be obtained at Space Physics Interactive Resource (SPIDR) server provided by NGDC.

The ground magnetometer data provided in this server include data from 125 stations from 11 chains of ground stations around the world. They data are available at three resolutions: original 1 minute data, averaged 5 minute data and averaged hourly data.

This interactive data server provides access to these data as both plots and ASCII files. A series of 1 Hr resolution plots covering 15 day intervals has been made. These plots are ready for immediate viewing and can be made rapidly to check for data quality and availability. These can be selected by the time "buttons" on the left hand side of the selection bar. Then turn on the "1hr Res. Plot" button and press "Submit". If you wish to view a plot at a higher resolution or select specific stations, dpress the "Draw Plot" and then press the "Submit" button. Do not select the time interval here. It should be done on the next page. But you do need to select the 15 day window in which the time interval will be selected. If you wish to down load data, depress the "Download Data " button and then the "Submit" button.  

15-Day Overview Plot (hourly data)
Draw Plot (1 m, 5 m, or hourly data)
Download Digital Data

Detailed Information for Ground Stations
Contributed by Institute of Geophysics and Planenary Physics (IGPP) /UCLA with funding provided to G. Le by NASA's Space Physics Data System (SPDS) under the disciplines of Magnetospheric Physics and ITM

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