Questions Regarding a Paper

A team of individuals endeavored to insure the accuracy and readability of all papers included in this CD-ROM. It is possible, however, that something has been omitted or included that should not be. Should a question arise regarding the content of a particular paper, please refer to the printed paper in The Proceedings of the 31st Scientific Assembly of COSPAR, 14-21 July, 1996, Session D0.1, Results of the IASTP Programme published by Advances in Space Research, 1997, Volume 20, Issues 4 & 5.

As another resource, e-mail addresses are included at the beginning of each paper for each corresponding author.

Searching for Key Words

A search capacity should be available on all browsers and should work as follows. Using one of the two principal browsers, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, you can find a specific author or subject matter. Go to the "Contents" page and click on "Edit" and then "Find". Fill in the name of the item you are trying to locate, press the enter button and begin your search.

Images Not Loading

To speed up loading of the manuscripts, we include reduced scale "thumbnail" figures in the text that show enough of the figure to allow the reader to judge whether to load the figure at that point in time. To load the full-sized figure, click on the thumbnail. If a thumbnail space shows the "broken image" icon, try reloading the paper or clicking on the broken icon.

Type Is Not Readable

Italics may be difficult to read in some fonts. To facilitate readability, the user should be able to change his/her browser's default preference for font and font size. The one exception to this will be if a font and font size have been embedded into the paper by the author.