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The purpose of the campaign is to coordinate spacecraft operations and data analysis to maximize science returned within available resources. To accomplish this campaign coordinators, H. Kawano and S. Savin have been appointed to facilitate campaign planning and information exchange. They will coordinate the campaign for the first stage (1997-2000) and will be assisted by co-coordinators Ingrid Sandahl and Nelson Maynard.

 The lead Website for Campaign #2 will be maintined at UCLA (http://www-ssc.igpp.ucla.edu/IACG) with links to the Goddard IACG Web page. The Interball Project at the Space Research Institute in Moscow also maintains a Website at http://www.iki.rssi.ru/vprokhor/camp2.htm. The master Web page for the IACG Campaigns is at URL http://adfsvr.gsfc.nasa.gov/IACG

Each of the coordinators has been appointed by and has lead responsibility for a particular agency. These agencies (in alphabetic order) and the coordinators' e-mail addresses are given below. 
ESA: I. Sandahl (ingrid@irf.se)
IKI: S. Savin (ssavin@iki.rssi.ru)
ISAS: H. Kawano (hkawano@stelab.nagoya-u.ac.jp)
NASA: N. Maynard (nmaynard@mrcnh.com)

Campaign Protocol:
      (1) The campaign is meant to be as open as possible, to maximize scientific output.
      (2) PIs' agreements are necessary if someone wants to use their data in his/her paper related to this campaign, as is standard practice in collaborations.
      (3) The campaign coordinators select possible candidates for the campaign events for both retrospective and future studies.
      (4) An event coordinator will be appointed for one event, or for one topic including a few similar events. The event coordinator's primary job is to carry the study forward, to consider to what extent coordination is required. There are a variety of ways for this coordination to occur.
      (5) When an event coordinator gathers and puts many plots on the event on one Web page, we will put a link to that Web page from this Web page.
      (6) If one's paper is motivated by this Web page, or if the paper is related to this campaign, we would like to ask the author to state in his/her paper that their studies are performed in the framework of the second IACG campaign.
       (7) When appropriate a bibliography will be maintained on this Web page. We would like to ask the authors of papers related to this campaign to contact us to keep listings correct . 

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