Size and Shape of the Magnetosphere and Bow Shock

S.M.Petrinec and C.T. Russell


The May 4, 1998 storm is of great interest because the observed solar wind parameters reached values significantly outside one standard deviation of what is considered the normal solar wind at 1 AU. These extreme conditions, when compared with observed crossings of the magnetospheric boundaries by orbiting spacecraft, offers a unique opportunity to examine how well the empirically derived models compare with the actual locations of the magnetopause and bow shock. For this event, a computer movie has been created from a series of 'snapshots', using recent empirical models of the magnetopause and bow shock. Comparisons with actual crossings of the boundaries by orbiting spacecraft will be shown.


Auroral X ray Emissions as Observed by PIXIE - May 4-5, 1998

S.M.Petrinec, J.Mobilia, D.L.Chenette, W.L.Imhof


The PIXIE instrument on board NASA/GGS POLAR observed considerable X ray auroral emissions over many hours during May 4-5, 1998. Significant activity was recorded over both the northern and southern polar regions during this time. Computer movies of this event will be presented. X ray photon intensity as well as electron characteristic energies and precipitating electron flux values will also be discussed.