Jiasheng Chen and I have been looking at the energetic particle behavior during the May 4, 1998 event using the Polar, Geotail, and Wind data. I would like to request some time during the ISTP workshop for Jiasheng to present some of this work. I will attend the workshop as well but I need to be back at BU on April 1 so I will not be present for your splinter session. I have examined your paper "The Extreme Compression of the Magnetopause, May 4, 1998, as observed by the Polar spacecraft" and I have played the Petrinec and Russell model on the web many times. While I think we agree with the subsolar compression from 03 to 06 UT and the Polar magnetopause crossing at 05:41 UT, the high latitude scenario is not as clear. We see many many instances of insitu energetic ion energization [to > 1 MeV] similar to the CEP structures we see all of the time in the normal cusp. It is like the cusp takes on new dimensions. How confident are you that Polar crossed the current layer of the magnetopause? There is no question that we are seeing a lot of shocked magnetoheath plasma most of the time but we see that during normal CEP events inside the magnetopause current layer as well. How confident are you that the high latitude magnetic field can be compressed as readily as that near the magnetic equator?