C. T. Russell at 70

On May 8 and 9, 2013, a symposium was held at UCLA by his colleagues and ex- and present students and post-doctoral researchers. Below are attached the presentations given at the symposium. Also mentioned during the symposium were the April 1 newsletters published in the SPA News, that some have attributed to him. These newsletters were recovered from the archives of SPA News and are appended as well. Finally, it was noted that C.T. Russell has published a set of papers not included in his bibliography. A second appendix is devoted to these publications of which C.T. Russell is clearly less proud.


Welcome – Robert Strangeway, ESS Chair Kevin McKeegan, Dean Joseph Rudnick

The Semiannual Variation of Geomagnetic Activity and its Relation to Magnetic Reconnection - Robert McPherron

Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interaction for Northward Interplanetary Magnetic Field - Paul Song

Untold Stories About the Shue et al. Magnetopause Models - Jih-Hong Shue

A Review of Multiple-onset Substorm Studies Enlightened by Prof. Russell - Ching-Chang Cheng

Personal Recollection - Yasong Ge

Magnetic Cloud Illusions, I Recall: Shifting Paradigms with Chris Russell - Tamitha Mulligan

Hybrid Simulations of Planetary Pickup Ions and Ion Cyclotron Wave Generation - Misa Cowee

Ion Cyclotron Waves in the Solar Wind of the Inner Heliosphere - Lan Jian

STEREO and Mars Space Weather - Janet Luhmann

Space, Science and Society - Howard Singer

Search for Pure Alfven Waves in Interplanetary Space - Jerry Chao

The Origin of Planetary Magnetic Fields - Hao Cao

Chris' Training and how I Learned to Love a Goat- Dave McComas

Lessons from the Smallest Magnetosphere for the Largest Magnetosphere - Margaret Kivelson/Xianzhe Jia

Impacts of Dense Dust Plumes at Enceladus- Nick Omidi

Personal Recollection - Xochitl Blanco-Cano

Personal Recollection - Jerry Schubert

Personal Recollection - Tom Meseroll

Personal Recollection - Christian Ho

A Tribute to Chris and his Co-authors - Maha Ashour-Abdalla

The Comets are Coming!' ISON, Rosetta, Sandbanks of Debris & what all of this has to do with Anything - Claudia Alexander

Rocketing Through the Asteroid Belt with Chris Russell: Dawn's Innovative Ion Propulsion System - Marc Rayman

Dawn at Vesta: the Strange Places You'll go when You Travel with Chris Russell - Carol Raymond

Gullies on Vesta - Jennifer Scully

Chris Russell and JPL - a Two-decade (and Counting!) Successful Partnership - Greg Vane

Venus Express Magnetic Field Observation of the Solar Wind Interaction with Venus - Tielong Zhang

How did UCLA Develop the World's Largest Ground-based Magnetometer Network? - Peter Chi

The RESOLVE Mission Concept and Neutron Spectrometer Subsystem - Steve Petrinec

Recognizing Quasi-steady Reconnection in the Solar Wind: The Magnetopause Connection - Jack Gosling

Personal Recollection - Martin Connors

Big Data and Big Science with Bayesian Modeling - Tom Higuchi

Chasing Ice in the Asteroid Belt - Britney Schmidt

Modeling Vesta's Radar Properties- Elizabeth Palmer

Inferring Internal Structures of Solar System Bodies from Electromagnetic Induction - Krishan Khurana

Appendix 1 SPA News: April 1 Editions

1998 – Meeting Report – Substorm Conference Hamano Japan

1999 – Publications Committee Decision

2000 – Meeting Committee Decision

2001 – JGR Gray

2002 – Electronic Publication Put on Hold Announcing JGRR (Contributed by Y.K.)

2003 – Revised Rules for Oral and Poster Presentations – Fall Meeting 2003

2004 – SPA Response to President’s Exploration Initiative

2005 – New NASA Selection Procedures for RUSES 2005 Proposals

2006 – New Paradigm for Data Dissemination

2007 – SPA Questioner’s Bureau

2008 – Substorm Problem Solved

2009 – Solar Dynamics Observer Mission Postponed

2010 – Nomenclature Committee Report

2011 – New Submission Guidelines for GRL

2012 – Author Loyalty Program Unveiled

2013 – Citation Club Membership (After suggestion by P.I.)

Appendix 2 Ephemera: Printed matter intended to be used for a short time
but preserved by collectors

1977 – Sixteenth Presentation, James B. Macelwane Award to Christopher T. Russell, Acceptance and Response, pp. 871-873.

1978 – An Interview with A.A. Aardvark – C.T Russell, EOS, Vol. 59, No. 3, pp. 118-120, March 1978.

1979 – AGU Member Self-Evaluation Test, EOS, Vol. 60, No. 49, p. 1024, December 1979.

1980 – From the Ridiculous to the Sublime: The Pending Disappearance of Pluto, (with A.J. Dessler) EOS, Vol. 61, p. 690.

1984 – Publication Process, EOS, May 15, 1984. (with P.H. Reiff)

1984 – Breakthrough, The Journal of Irreproducible Results, Vol. 29, No. 1:2, p. 2, 1984. (with D.N. Baker)

1985 – Forum, EOS, Vol. 66, No. 47, p. 1177, 1181, November 19, 1985.

1993 – SPA Dinner, “Dubious Distinction” Awards, EOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, Vol. 74, No. 09, pp. 99-100, March 2, 1993.


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